The Mouse That Roared, The

Competitive AR15: The Mouse That Roared, The

Author: Glenn Zediker

Available from: Zediker Publishing (Dept. AR).

P.O. Box 1497, Oxford MS 38655; (800) BOOKLOG. Softbound

7″x10″-286 pp. Price:$29.95 plus $6 shipping and handling.

Written with the input of champion shooters, long-time AR-15 gunsmiths and industry insiders, The Conpetitive AR15 offers a thorough and detailed study of the newest precision rifle sensation. Despite having taken the world of Highpower Rifle by storm, winning every individual National NRA Service Rifle Championship for the past five consecutive years, the AR-15 has continued to confound many competitive shooters who are often presented with a bewildering array of aftermarket modifications, gunsmithing services and handloading components.

The lay of the land was well-known when everyone was shooting MIs and M1As in highpower country. Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, everyone knew what it took to tune these service rifles for competition and which handloads were likely to work. Zediker’s new book helps novice mousegunners navigate this previously uncharted territory. Service rifles and match rifles are treated separately as are special-purpose AR-15s such as IPSC and varmint rifles. Relevant chapters cover such subjects as building a competition-ready rifle, selecting handloading components, cleaning and maintenance, and changes in shooting position that the AR-15’s unique configuration demands.

Because the AR-15 is still relatively new to the highpower game, the author presents the reader with a blend of fact and opinion, carefully separating the two and pointing out that certain solutions may not work in every case.

Thoroughly illustrated and clearly organized, The Competitive AR15 should prove informative to both veteran and novice highpower shooters interested in shooting the “black rifle.”

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