Second shots

Learn To Shoot, South Koreans Told

The president of South Korea, Park Chun Hee, has urged the South Korean public to develop marksmanship as “a way to substantially contribute to the strengthening of the national security,” according to The Korea Herald.

The president made his remarks at the annual government agencies shooting competition. Park also told the chairman of the Korea Shooting Assn to map out measures to make the Taenung Int’l Shooting Range more available to the general public.

President Park disagreed with the idea that shooting is merely a sport, noting that military reservists can maintain proficiency by participating in it.

The president and his cabinet apparently practice what Park preaches. The president scored 96 out of a possible 100 points with an M16 rifle and Ml Carbine. A photo accompanying The Korea Herald story shows Prime Minister Kim Jong-pil firing an M16.

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