Propellant powders

Bussard, Michael E

ACCURATE ARMS’ new Magpro powder is one of the first propellants engineered specifically for the efficient, new short magnum calibers now being offered by Winchester and Remington. Magpro is a double-base ball propellant that will provide high loading densities, optimum velocities and long-range accuracy. Accurate Arms has reloading data available on request.

ALLIANT POWDER will offer two new canister propellants for handloading. The first is Reloder 10x, engineered specifically for varmint shooters and benchrest competitors using rifle calibers such as .222 Rem., .223 Rem. and .22-250 Rem with lightweight bullets. Reloder 10x offers minimum fouling, optimum velocity and outstanding consistency. Reloaders of .410-bore shotshells will want to try the new 410 Powder from Alliant that has been specifically formulated for balanced performance in this small shell. Data is available on request for both new powders.

HODGDON POWDER’S new Triple Seven powder and pellets are high-energy, sulphur– free propellants for muzzleloading rifles and muskets using roundballs, bullets or sabots. It is also suitable for reloading blackpowder cartridges. Hodgdon claims that Triple Seven is capable of providing higher muzzle velocity than any other muzzleloading propellant. Best of all, Triple Seven is odor-free, cleans up easily with water and is not as corrosive as blackpowder.

RAMSHOT, in an effort to prevent confusion by handloaders between Big Game powder and Big Boy powder, has changed the name of Big Boy to Magnum. The new name better reflects the intended use of this powder and data has not changed.


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