German Handguns

German Handguns

Humphries, Michael O

Author: Ian V. Hogg, Available from Stackpole Books (Dept. AR), 5067 Ritter Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-6921 (717) 796-0411, Hardcover 8″x10″-320 pp. Price $49.95

Ian Hogg, in the pages of German Handguns, examines the full range of pistols and revolvers produced in Germany from 1869 to the present. Referenced firearms include classics such as the Luger P.08, Mauser HsC and Walther PPK, to more unusual types such as the Reichsrevolver M1879 and the Dreyse 9 mm. In detailed and thorough passages, Hogg presents key data such as length, weight, muzzle velocity and range for each handgun. Further, he includes the date of introduction and service record of each and evaluates and discusses peculiarities of their designs. For those with an interest in the field of German handguns, this book would serve as a handy guide.


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