Brownells endows NRA youth program

Brownells endows NRA youth program

The Brownell family of the famed Brownells, Inc., gunsmithing supply company has generously agreed to permanently fund NRA’s Youth Shooting Camps Program through income from The Brownell Family Endowment of The NRA Foundation. As such, they become the first endowment benefactor to be a sole sponsor of one of NRA’s youth education programs. “We feel investing in the youth of America is the best way to ensure our freedoms and a strong future for NRA,” stated Frank Brownell, President of Brownells, Inc.

In 1994, the Brownells made a $250,000 endowment pledge to be funded over the following 10 years. Their gift was the first long-term pledge received by The NRA Foundation in its early years of operation. Brownells’ vision was that it ultimately be used to help fund NRA’s youth training efforts. Today, The Brownell Family Endowment has grown to well over $300,000. On their recent decision to sponsor the shooting camps program, the Brownells decided on a second pledge of $250,000 to the endowment-a total gift of $500,000.

The Brownell Family Endowment is a permanent fund of The NRA Foundation that produces investment income. The fund’s corpus is never touched-only a portion of its interest is used for the shooting camps program. Any remaining balance is reinvested to ensure the fund’s growth, thus providing a dependable source of program income in perpetuity. “The concept of permanently endowing NRA’s 177 education and public service programs is a new chapter in NRA’s 131year history, stated NRA Executive Vice President Wayne R. LaPierre. “Such philanthropy is of extraordinary benefit to NRA and its future. We are deeply indebted to the Brownell family for their early leadership and commitment to endow NRA’s critical programs.”

The NRA Shooting Camps Program is designed to provide youth and their families with the opportunity to come together under a formal program to experience, share, enjoy, and grow in their appreciation of the shooting sports. The intent of the program is to ensure the future of the shooting sports, with an emphasis on the mentoring and development of youth and the cultivating and nurturing of youth leadership and responsibility.

The camps are based on one of seven themes: Safety and Firearm Education; Basic Shooting; Hunting; Competition; Youth SportsFest; Special Interest; or the new NRA/ATA Trapshooting Camp. Each year approximately 10,000 youngsters are introduced to the shooting sports at approximately 90 camps held throughout the United States. Permanently endowing them will assure the camps’ financial and operational stability for generations to come.

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