1995 Director nominations

Clark, Weldon H Jr

THE nominees for election to the NRA Board in 1995 were selected by the Nominating Committee and/or by petition of the membership.

The Board consists of 76 Directors. The Bylaws require that one-third of the terms of office of 75 Directors shall expire at each Annual Meeting of Members. One Director will be elected for a one-year term at each Annual Meeting of Members. Such Director shall be selected from only those candidates who were not elected by the mail ballot.

The 1995 election will fill the 25 three-year terms that expire in 1998 and 3 one-year terms that expire in 1996. Voting members will be asked to vote for a total of 28 nominees. The 25 nominees receiving the highest number of votes will be elected to the three-year terms, and the 3 nominees receiving the next highest number of votes will be elected to the one-year terms.

Nominations by the Nominating Committee. The Committee, elected by the Board of Directors, includes six Directors and three Lifetime members who are not Directors. The Committee met and gave consideration to 81 names recommended by the membership. Each person was given serious, deliberate and careful consideration. A total of 32 nominees were selected, however one nominee has subsequently withdrawn from consideration, reducing the total to 31.

Nominations by Petition of the Membership. A total of 23 persons were nominated by petition. (Five of the 23 had already been nominated by the Nominating Committee.) Each petition sponsored by an NRA member or member organization required the signatures of not less than 250 voting members.

The 1995 Ballot. A total of 54 nominees, the combined total from the NRA Nominating Committee and petition of the members, appear on the ballot. The NRA Bylaws require the names to be rotated on the ballot. Five different ballots with five different orders of names were printed. The biographical sketches that follow were written by the individual nominees. They appear here in alphabetical order; however, the names on the ballots are in a different order because of the Bylaw requirement to rotate the order of names.

To Expedite Voting, begin by looking at the first name on the ballot. Then locate the name on the alphabetical list of biographical sketches. This procedure is much faster than reading the biographical sketch first and then trying to locate the name on a ballot NOT printed in alphabetical order.


Current NRA Board member. Life member. Served in Infantry, Military Police, OSS and Military Intelligence. Public safety consultant. Author of police and military textbooks currently in use: Kill or Get Killed, Riot Control–Material and Techniques, and Scouting and Patrolling. Author, numerous articles for American Rifleman, gun magazines, and law enforcement and military publications. Active in the development and training of police and military in techniques of combat shooting and riot control. Consultant to the U.S. government, industry and law enforcement. Organized and operated a sporting arms manufacturing company abroad. Member of the Cutlery Hall of Fame. Nominee for the 1981 Outstanding American Handgunner Award. Owner, famous gun collection, “Guns of Famous Shooters.” Hunter, trap and skeet shooter. Subject of a biographical article in March, 1993, American Rifleman. Producer of video tapes: Fast and Fancy Shooters and The Fabulous Topperweins. Nominated again for the Outstanding American Handgunner Award in 1995.


An active community member, F.E. “Buster” Bachhuber often has appeared in area television and newspapers to educate the public on Second Amendment rights. Bachhuber, 53, is an attorney in Wausau, where he is Director of the downtown business organization. He is a Life member of the NRA and VFW, serving the VFW as a State Judge Advocate for Wisconsin. Bachhuber served in the Army Infantry, receiving a medal of meritorious service in Korea. He has been an officer in the Elks Lodge, an Optimist Club Director, and Committee Chairman of the Wausau Chamber of Commerce. Buster has worked with the Boy Scouts for 25 years, dedicating an Explorer’s Post to shooting sports. He is active in competitive shooting, particularly in skeet and metallic silhouette. Bachhuber received a Doctorate of Law degree from Marquette University in 1966.


Nominating Committee nominee; NRA Endowment member, Golden Eagles Charter member, awarded NRA/ILA ’86 Defender of Freedom. Legislative activist, successful grassroots organizer; persuasive speaker and communicator; proven leadership record for innovative, effective projects; supporting member of various firearms rights organizations. Editor: Politician’s Info Package, a firearms issues newsletter sent to legislators; frequent newspaper editorial contributor; independent technical consultant to firearms industry. Founding member, past President, current VP of North Central Florida Sportsmen’s Association, nationally recognized Second Amendment activist group (NRA’s ’92 Most Outstanding Club). Veteran gun rights advocate at political functions; featured on nationally syndicated radio program, “Washington on Trial” and local radio talk shows. Active NRA Instructor: Home Firearms Safety, Personal Protection courses. Ardent shooter/handloader: rifle silhouette, IPSC, pin shooting, steel plates. I believe NRA’s top priority is grassroots seed–planting. Maximum effort should be directed at starting, nurturing, training and communicating with grassroots activist organizations.


NRA Endowment member, NRA Field Support Team, NRA Referee, member grassroots committee, past member High Power Rifle Committee, past President, Texas State Rifle Association. Businessman, owns and operates marine business I started 1947. Army Air Corps WWII European Theater of Operations. Worked with Boy Scouts, Explorers, Little Leagues. Twenty plus years marksmanship shooting, training and management. My teams have won at Camp Perry (Juniors). Past President Greenwood Gun Club and present Legislative Director. State and local Director, Gulf Coast Conservation Association. Have served as campaign manager in state and national elections. Methodist, Mason, Shrine, Whittington Center Founders Club. Married to same wife for 46 years, 3 children. Principal interest is protecting our rights–shooting, hunting and the Second Amendment–for this great Nation of ours. I would like to help NRA.


Dan Bechtel is Founder and Chairman of B-SQUARE, Inc., a leading manufacturer of laser sights, scope mounts and gunsmith tools. Well-known for his design innovations and contributions, he holds many patents and industry firsts. NRA Life member since 1958, he is also a member of NRA Whittington Center Founders Club, state and local gun clubs, National Shooting Sports Foundation, National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, and several gunsmith school advisory boards. He is a former NRA Board member, member of the NRA Finance Committee and National Firearms Museum Fund. Longtime NRA convention exhibitor. A promoter of conservation and shooting sports, he supports numerous organizations including Bianchi Cup, Masters Tournament and Sportsman’s Team Challenge. He studied engineering at Iowa State University and served in WWII as an OSS agent. Before founding B-SQUARE, he was a senior executive with General Dynamics. He is a hunter and gun collector.


Mike Beko has been extremely active in the politics of the gun issue for nearly 20 years. He’s an NRA Director, and was involved in the 1977 Cincinnati reforms. He is past Trustee of the Ohio Rifle & Pistol Association, former member of the League of Ohio Sportsmen, a current Director of the Ohio Gun Collector’s Association, member of its Legislative Committee and is the PAC Treasurer. Mr. Beko was a two-term President of the Ohio Constitution Defense Council, a statewide umbrella group representing other groups of sportsmen and firearms rights activists. He is the cofounder (1974) and current Vice President of The Lorain County Firearms Defense Association, a well-known, active local gun rights organization. He had a large role in preserving trapping in Ohio. He realizes the future of all NRA activities and its members’ rights depends on successful no compromise political action.


Former member Board of Directors, Executive Committee of NRA. Former Second Vice President of NRA. Member, Bylaws & Resolutions Committee; former Chairman. Member, Ethics Committee; former Vice Chairman. Member, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association/past member of its Legislative Committee. Member, Rochester Brooks Gun Club; Garbutt Rod and Gun Club; Empire State Arms Collectors Association; Ducks Unlimited; Trout Unlimited; and Life member Genesee Conservation League. Hunter, target shooter–shotgun, rifle, pistol. Competed in pistol, skeet and trap shooting. Firearms collector and handloader. Instructed Monroe Community College Police Training Program. Listed in Who’s Who in American Law. Author of Our Freedom Based on Law, reprinted in the Bill of Rights Speakers’ Digest and Congressional Record. Speaker and author on behalf of Second Amendment, including foreword of book New York’s Firearms and Weapons Laws. Former President, New York State Supreme Court Justices Association.


Son of NRA Honorary Life member and Executive Councilwoman Alice Bull, Lee has been an NRA member since 1947, served four terms as NRA Director, chaired the Collegiate Programs and Education & Training Committees, and served on Gun Collectors, Legal Affairs and Bylaws Committees, and on NRA’s National Firearms Museum Board. Retired law professor now active as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee and attorney, he was also member of the first Nominating Committee elected following the 1977 Cincinnati reforms. Former college rifle instructor and high power competitor with two Camp Perry legs, he is an advanced collector of U.S. military muzzleloading arms. Board member, Washington Arms Collectors and frequent writer for its Gun-News. Endorsed by Washington R&PA. November election results prove NRA has not last its grassroots clout. I will strive for a united Board to keep NRA on track to serve America’s gunowners and avoid recent years’ bitter factionalism.


NRA Life member, pistol competitor and current Chairman of the NRA Pistol Committee. A Director of the Virginia Wildlife Federation and multiterm Legislative Vice President, and Life member of the Virginia Shooting Sports Association (formerly the Virginia State Rifle & Revolver Association). A founder of the Virginia Outdoor Sports Information Network, and instrumental in the formation of the Virginia Firearms Dealers Association. Certified Instructor, Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun, working with young shooters. Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America. Curriculum advisor for Chesterfield County Virginia School System. B.S. in Mass Communications, Master of Photography, Fleet Marine Force Combat Cameraman 1962-1966. Member, KTA (National Journalism Honor Society) and the Institute of Certified Professional Managers at James Madison University. Certified by the Audiovisual Managers Association. Life member, Cavalier Rifle and Pistol Club. Endorsed by the Virginia Shooting Sports Association. Nominated by petition and the NRA Nominating Committee.


Sue W. Caplan is an attorney, lecturer and author specializing in the meaning of the Second Amendment to middle-class values of Americans today. Drafted and lobbied for laws to stop penalizing of gunowners for using their Second Amendment rights, especially their self-defense rights and has focused on the emergency need to reorder our criminal justice system. Has actively worked for over ten years to prevent criminals from suing their victims for so-called overraction or any other reason. Brought court cases to force local licensing officials to authorize firearms ownership for ordinary people. Currently: Member, NRA Board of Directors; Chair, Women’s Policies Committee; member, Urban Affairs Committee, Membership Committee. Endorsed by the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Inc.


Current Board member. Endowment member NRA. Staunch defender of gun rights and has actively debated the issue on radio and TV. Chairman, Nebraska Sportsmans Rights Committee which succeeded in placing a Second Amendment Right in the State Constitution, by petition. Veterinarian and owner of antique/modern firearms business. Gunsmith. Founding President, NRA Foundation. Served as Chairman, Field Services Task Force, which proposed the Friends of NRA Banquet program; Vice Chairman, NRA Range Development Committee; Chairman, Black Powder Committee. Coauthor, NRA’s Black Powder Shooting manuals. Life member, Nebraska R & P Association, Dakota Territory Gun Collectors Association. Technical Editor, Black Powder Hunting magazine; Black Powder Editor, Gun Digest; writes product reviews, Muzzle Blasts magazine. NRA Black Powder Training Counselor. Past Director National Muzzle Loading Association. Hobbies include gun collecting, competitive shooting, hunting. Fifteen year Scoutmaster, holder of BSA Silver Beaver Award. Volunteer fireman/EMT. Endorsed by Nebraska R & P Association.


Benefactor member; member, NRA Executive Council. NRA staff–36 years; 17 years NRA Secretary. Coordinated NRA Annual Meetings/Exhibits, 18 years. Director of training–10 years; Assistant Director, Competitions/Training–5 years. Wrote Basic Pistol Manual/Instructor Guide and Home Firearm Safety Manual. Directed NRA Police Instructor Schools nationally and NRA Schools at National Matches, training 1,000 Juniors and 200 instructors annually. Elected to International Association of Hunter Safety Coordinators Hall of Fame. Executive Officer, Match Director–National Matches. Represented NRA–National Safety Council (NSC) and Boy Scouts of America. Past Chairman, NSC Home Safety Division; past member, NSC Board of Directors. Past member, BSA National Health and Safety Committee; frequent member, Safety Inspection Team, Philmont Scout Ranch. Strong supporter of Second Amendment but understands necessity for a strong and diversified NRA. A single purpose NRA (Second Amendment only) and an NRA financially weak will be ineffective and will fail.


Nominating Committee nominee–General Motors skilled tradesman; member, United Auto Workers, Local 652, Lansing, Michigan. NRA member since 1965, Life member since 1981, regularly attends NRA Annual Meetings. Lifelong hunter, Michigan Hunter Safety Instructor since 1984. Has testified before city and state legislative bodies. Seeks reform of Michigan’s current racist originated, needs based, concealed pistols carry law to a Florida style law in keeping with the language of the Michigan Constitution. Supports NRA current leadership, especially the renewed zeal in legislative and electioneering issues. Desires a cost effective expanded effort in state and local legislative issues. Believes the Second Amendment is under open attack and only a militant, politically astute NRA can prevent its loss.


Nominated by the Nominating Committee. Ronin Colman is the Founder and President of PACT, manufacturer of chronographs, range timers and electronic reloading scales. Very active in the Second Amendment movement, PACT was one of the first companies to enroll in NRA Round Up program raising money for ILA, matching individual donations with its own. Ronin Colman believes strongly that Second Amendment is the Peoples teeth and without it all other rights exist only at the pleasure of those in power. Specifically, keep and bear means own and carry and the American citizen has the right to possess the same individual weapons that our military issues to our troops. NRA’s top priority is the defense and restoration of our Second Amendment freedom, favors use of modern computer technology to reduce administrative costs and make the NRA a more efficient and effective grassroots organization. Strong supporter of 10th Amendment–state sovereignty movement.


Immediate past President, NRA. Nominating Committee nominee. Member: Finance Committee, Legislative Policy Committee; Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, Firearms Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund. Former Arizona Attorney General, three terms; former Chairman Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, two terms; former County Attorney, Maricopa County, one term. Drafted, lobbied and helped pass first hunter harassment law in the United States. Recipient: Safari Club International Award to Outstanding Western State Official; Arizona Attorney of the Year, 1990; 1994 National Freedom Award for efforts in behalf of freedom; National Earl Warren Award for outstanding contribution to America’s criminal justice system. Former member: White House Conference for Drug Free America; Bureau of Justice Statistics Advisory Board; Department of Justice Executive Working Group. Former Chairman of Western Attorneys General; former Chairman, Arizona Peace Officers Memorial Board; past President, Arizona’s Criminal Justice Board; strong advocate, Second Amendment; helped initiate lawsuits to support rights. Hunter, fisherman, prospector.


A member of the NRA Board of Directors since 1983, Larry Craig represented the First District of Idaho for five terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is in his first term in the Senate. following election in 1990. He comes from Idaho pioneer stock and grew up on a ranch homesteaded by his grandfather in southwestern Idaho in 1899. The ranch earned a reputation for game bird hunting (Craig received the 1978 Idaho Sportsman Conservation Award for excellence in upland game bird habitat management). A leader in the fight to protect Americans’ rights to keep and bear arms, Craig was an original proponent of the McClure-Volkmer Act. He serves on the Congressional Advisory Board of the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Advisory Council of the Citizens’ Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. He is a member and officer of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus.


Promotes the proper respect and personal responsibilities of firearms ownership, wildlife management, marksmanship and shooting range development. Active NRA Training Counselor, retired field supervisor; Washington State Department of Game. Life member–Snoqualmie Valley Rifle Club; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Disabled American Veterans; Idaho & Washington State Rifle & Pistol Associations, Board member of ISR&PA; Law Enforcement Alliance of America. Member–Fraternal Order of Eagles; American Legion with citations for Meritorious Services, Certificate of Commendation, (Law & Order); Retired Officers Association; Clearwater Resource Coalition; Back Country Horseman; and Latah Wildlife Association. NRA Endowment member. NRA Official Referee & Certified Instructor for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Home Firearms Safety, Personal Protection and Police Firearms. BSA National Instructor of Field Sports. Past NRA Hunting, Wildlife & Conservation Committee member. I believe education and membership offers the best protection of our Second Amendment rights. Veteran–United States Marine Corps. Petition nominee.


Nominating Committee, petition nominee. Director 1991-1994. Committees: Clubs & Associations. Education & Training, Air Gun, Protest, Clubs & Associations Awards Subcommittee. Lobbyist, President, Oregon Pro-Gun Civil Rights Lobby. With ILA support, lobbied/defeated proposed state constitutional amendment and antifirearms bills restricting constitutional rights to have firearms for lawful purposes. Author, pro-constitutional rights articles. Appeared on TV and radio representing view that state and federal constitutions ensure the right to possess firearms for lawful purposes. Memberships: Disabled American Veterans; American Legion; Washington Arms Collectors; LaGrande Rifle and Pistol Club; Gun Owners of America. Competition: high power, action pistol. Hunter, NRA Referee. Author, successful NRA Board resolution to establish official home for Disabled Shooting program, promote airgun shooting in VA and rehab hospitals. As director, will support NRA leadership for members involvement in the political process to ensure the preservation of our unalienable and constitutional right to bear arms.


Fred Duncan is a grassroots candidate nominated by petition, (thanks signers) whose goal is the protection of the entire Second Amendment and service to the NRA membership. He is a Life member of the NRA, IBS and VHA. Other memberships include GOA and the Escambia River Muzzleloaders, Inc. He serves on the “Friends” Committee and is a member of the NRA/ILA State (FL) Leadership Group Steering Committee. Fred Duncan has been a member of the Pensacola Rifle and Pistol Club since 1972, Board of Director 15 years, President six times, VP three times, four years as the “Fiesta” fund-raiser and its Chief Range Officer since 1992. He has NRA Conventional and International Pistol classifications. He is a cofounder of the raptor feeding Rocking Heart Prairie Dog Club. He earned a Bachelors degree from S.D.S.U. and a Masters degree from Penn State. He has hunted large and small game.


Nominated by petition and by NRA Nominating Committee. NRA member continuously since 1966, Life since 1980, Benefactor since 1993. Plaintiff in NRA-backed lawsuit challenging his state capital city one gun a month and registration ordinance. Served five years on NRA West Virginia State Association Board of Directors, three as Secretary. Public speaker in defense of firearms civil rights. NRA Volunteer Instructor with 94 students completed since 1988. Master classification and Grand Slam with each hand in Smallbore Hunter’s Pistol Silhouette, one with open sights. Five finishes since 1989 in top seven in aggregates of National Championships, including second in 1994. Former Silhouette Match Director and IPSC Range Officer. Casual trap, skeet and sporting clays shooter. Avid hunter since age nine. Computer literate practicing general dentist. Eagle Scout with four years service as adult member of summer camp staff, currently Commissioner.


Civil trial attorney, educated Stanford University and Harvard Law School. Board member, renominated by Nominating Committee. Executive Committee member. Chair, Grassroots Development Committee. Vice Chair, Action Shooting Committee. Vice President, NRA Foundation. Trustee, Firearms Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund. NRA Benefactor member. Life member and endorsed by Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association. Graduate, American Pistol Institute. NFA firearms owner. Speaks, writes and appears at rallies, civic groups, schools, on radio and television to promote positive image of responsible gun ownership, women’s self-defense rights, and Second Amendment scholarship. Featured in numerous pro-gun articles including Stanford Magazine, Phoenix Magazine, Women & Guns, The New York Times and other newspapers nationwide. Recipient, CCRKBA gun rights activist award. Teaches Second Amendment courses to legislators, teachers, reporters. Chaired University of Arizona Law School Second Amendment Symposium. Worked to pass Arizona’s concealed carry law. Married to Bruce Nelson, holster maker and an IPSC founder.


Past President and past Director of the legislative division of Arizona Rifle & Pistol Association, he’s a political activist who, in addition to ongoing local, state and federal lobbying efforts, has managed several state and congressional campaigns for pro-gun candidates. He has served NRA/ILA as a political consultant, and has been a registered federal lobbyist for ILA. An articulate and knowledgeable pro-gun spokesman, he has testified before many legislative committees and enjoys public speaking to non-gun groups. He is a conventional and international pistol competitor and infrequent high power shooter. An avid hunter and outdoorsman, he has been an active Hunter Safety Education Instructor for twenty-three years. He feels strongly about educating youngsters and women regarding the shooting sports. An optometrist and Endowment member of the NRA, he’s been a Life member since December, 1951.


Put on the Board three years ago by NRA members to bring change to this Association. I’ve been very outspoken in many areas including, grassroots organization, Association responsibility to the membership, increased Board participation. I was instrumental setting up the BOD’s Town Hall Meetings and the National Blue Ribbon Campaign. Many times I have acted as the mouthpiece for the membership by bringing motions to the Board floor on issues that you–all have contacted me on. More than once my actions or opinions have created controversy (and discussion) among Board and staff. If you desire this continued action, then return me to the Board. I’m very active in ILA’s GunTalk–computer bulletin board, past President of the Maryland state association, active in the Arizona state association. Member–Firearms Coalition, GOA, CCRKBA, NFA. I’ve traveled the country promoting grassroots activism. Former competitive shooter, though now mainly a recreational ammo guzzler.


Nominated by the Nominating Committee. Drafted in 1966, served one tour of duty in Vietnam, Honorably Discharged in 1968. Retired from AT&T with 30 years of loyal service. Worked with others to defeat U.S. Senator Joe Tydings. Active in state association, past President, 1988. First to ask NRA for help defeating the ill-fated Saturday Night Special law. Anne Arundel County Chairman for the Committee Against the Gun Ban. Regular attendant at NRA Annual Meetings since Cincinnati. Held many titles at local gun club, including President. Competes with all types of guns. Member I.H.M.S.A., V.F.W. and American Legion. Served on NRA Nominating Committee in 1994, also on the Committee on Elections in 1993. Currently networking with others to elect a pro-gun Governor. NRA Life member. Certified Instructor in all disciplines. Endorsed by Maryland state association. Pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment, a freedom fighter who will never give up or compromise.


Nominating Committee candidate. Six-year member, Minnesota State Service Rifle Team, Camp Perry. Civilian Distinguished #1130. Active competitor, Master, service rifle. Founding Director of the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance. Past-President, High Power Chair, and current Board of Directors, Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club. Direct contact with Minnesota legislature has kept semi-auto legislation out of Minnesota; helped to pass (first time this year) Second Amendment provision for Minnesota. Frequent, effective, speaker and debater on freedom/firearms issues in media and legislature, making him target for retaliation as “politically incorrect” by City of Minneapolis. Fired after 18 years Assistant City Attorney, prosecutor, police legal defense, advisor/trainer Minneapolis P.D. SWAT team. Life member NRA and MRRA. Current NRA High Power Chairman; Vice Chairman, Competition Rules & Programs and Ethics Committees; member, NRA special litigation committee. Fought for reduced match fees. Endorsed, Minnesota R&RA and Utah R&PA.


NRA 1st Vice President. First elected woman Officer in NRA’s history. Current Board/Executive Committee member. Nominating Committee nominee. Legislative consultant/lobbyist. Strong supporter NRA/ILA. Media spokesperson/debater. Responsible for Florida’s pro-gun lobbying/defeating antigun legislation. Author, public speaker, Instructor, works with Juniors. Unified Sportsmen of Florida: current Executive Director–17th year. National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association: former Director, Secretary, Field Representative Coordinator. Competitive shooter: rifle, pistol. Hunter. Major awards: NRA/ILA Legislative Achievement–1992; NRA Activist/Lobbyist of the Year–1987, NRA/ILA awards 1987, 1985, 1984, 1978; USF Distinguished Service Award: nominated, Florida Women’s Hall of Fame 1982 and 1984; Roy Rogers 1985 “Man of the Year” Award (only woman ever to receive award); American Handgunner Top Ten, 1989; National Safety Council’s 1993 Outstanding Community Service Award for work developing NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program for children. Staunch defender/protector of right to keep and bear arms.


NRA Endowment member, nominated by Committee. President of the Rhode Island State Rifle & Revolver Association, 6 years. Lobbied for the Federated Rhode Island Sportsmen’s Club, 2 years, and awarded Sportsman of the Year. Was personally responsible for drafting and passing the law allowing black powder hunting in Rhode Island and the law which allows junior hunting for 12 through 14 year olds. Former Chief of Police for the town of Gloucester, Rhode Island and Police Officer of the Year. Past Chief of Criminal Identification in the Attorney General’s Office and retired from Rhode Island State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification. Commissioned full Colonel in the Rhode Island Militia, 1975, commanded Gloucester Light Infantry for 12 years and served as liaison between Adjutant General’s Office and State Militia. NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Instructor, avid hunter and competitive flintlock shooter.


Benefactor member; Nominating Committee and petition nominee. Chairman, NRA Gun Collectors Committee; Member, Hunting and Wildlife Conservation and Ethics Committees; Director, National Firearms Museum Fund. Vice President, Oregon Arms Collectors; Member, Washington Arms Collectors, Willamette Valley Arms Collectors. Founder and Executive Secretary, 100% NRA award-winning Mannlicher Collectors Association. Frequent speaker advocating citizen’s unencumbered right to arms is essential to liberty, preservation of our Constitutional Republic, and public safety. Winner of scholarships in game management and theology, holds Master of Divinity degree in Psychology and Social Ethics and equivalency in English Psycholinguistics, with doctoral studies in Leisure Rehabilitation. Reverend Henry is advocate for disabled hunters, smallbore rifle competitor, and a retired college instructor whose speaking, writing, and photography have won awards. A guide and outfitter for thirty-five years, Don is Editor of The Mannlicher Collector, and is an international author on firearms, big game, gun dogs and hunting ethics.


Nominated by petition, Dutch Hillenburg is a Life member of the NRA and Disabled American Veterans. Formerly an intercollegiate match competitor, Dutch takes an active role in the Class III world. Dutch has written dozens of articles, including several features. Dutch has served as a reserve deputy sheriff and town marshal. Previously employed by the Department of the Navy, he specialized in buying ammunition, weapons and night vision equipment for the Navy Investigative Service, Navy SEALs and Special Operations Command. He currently operates a firm specializing in items from Eastern Europe. Dutch graduated from Indiana University with a double major in Political Science and History and also a Certificate in East Asian Studies. He later studied for a Masters in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. He wishes to serve as an NRA Director to help represent the thousands of people who collect NFA weapons and so-called assault weapons.


No compromise. Those two words summarize my stance on our gun rights. No reasonableness, no equivocation. I believe in a powerful NRA. To make NRA stronger and more responsive, I favor cutting the Board from 76 members to a more workable number (like 15) and passing term limitations for Board members–two consecutive, three in a lifetime. I am the Editor-in-Chief of American Handgunner and GUNS magazines. I am Vice President of IPSC. I am a hunter and competitive shooter, active in NRA silhouette and IPSC. I hope to restore NRA’s financial power by cutting wasteful excesses, like extravagant parties for Board members and Hollywood stars, expensive PR consultants and other waste. NRA must focus on shooting, not schmoozing. We need to trim the fat from NRA’s inflated bureaucracy and restore the lean, mean fighting strength that once made NRA a potent force in Washington.


Second Amendment activist. Directs pro-Constitution grassroots group, Californians Against Corruption. Managed CAC’s 1992 campaigns against Senate President David Roberti (author, nation’s first “assault weapon” ban). Made Roberti spend $2,500,000 to barely survive unexpected runoff. Engineered and led CAC’s 1994 Roberti Recall, California’s first legislative recall election in 80 years (after 107 unsuccessful qualification attempts since 1913). Roberti survived by 9%, but lost his Presidency, spent $800,000. After crediting Howard’s campaign with stopping California’s anti-gun onslaught, the LA Times quoted Howard: “We bled him. Now he’ll never become Treasurer.” Weeks later, a heavily-indebted Roberti vowed political retirement after losing the Treasury race–first loss in a 28-year career. “When the gun lobby comes after you, it has an impact.” –Roberti concession speech. Howard also aided 1986 ouster of criminal-coddling Chief Justice Rose Bird; cofounded Students Against the Handgun Ban (1482). UCLA MA Economics; MBA. Fundraiser, financier.


NRA Nominating Committee candidate, actress Susan Howard is an NRA Life member actively committed to the defense and protection of the Second Amendment. Born and raised in Texas, she is a shooter, a strong Constitutionalist and ardent supporter of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. Featured in NRA/ILA public service ads on firearms issues, Eddie Eagle child safety videos and NRA membership commercials. Well-known for her TV role in “Dallas,” her movie and TV careers have been highlighted by professional awards including Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. The acclaimed actress has used her popularity and fame to promote causes in which she believes, including the Constitution, the Second Amendment and NRA. She is actively involved in the Charlton Heston Celebrity Shoot, the Refuse To Be A Victim public service program and is currently serving her first term as one of eleven women on the NRA Board of Directors.


NRA members nominated Colonel Johnson by petition to help guide NRA during difficult times ahead. Johnson works to restore gun owner rights guaranteed by Second Amendment. Johnson is shooter, hunter, champion for gunrights. NRA members at 1994 Minneapolis Annual Meeting elected Johnson to “At Large” Director’s office. Served, Vice Chairman, Firearms Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund; Chairman, Ethics and Urban Affairs Committees. Membership Chairman during first successful drive to 3,000,000 members. Chairman, Task Force State Association Development. Served twice on NRA Nominating Committee, presented NRA workshops to state associations, testified U.S. Senate, U.S. House Representatives Armed Services Committees on military preparedness/defense, Johnson consults business, government, conducts public opinion research, political attitude studies. Past Vice President, South Dakota Wildlife Federation. Charter member, Sioux Empire Environmental Committee. National Treasurer, American Association Registered Consultants. Awarded certificate merit International Businessmen’s Who’s Who. Highly decorated combat veteran, served as South Dakota Veterans Commissioner.


T.J. has accumulated almost thirty years of shooting and reloading experience. T.J. is a competitive Combat Action shooter, and enjoys competing in the three gun tactical matches including shooting every year in the Soldier of Fortune International Three Gun Match. T.J. has been an NRA Firearms Instructor since 1987 with certifications in Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety and Personal Protection. T.J. has been active as an NRA Training Counselor since 1990, qualifying hundreds of NRA instructors for certification. In 1992, T.J. was elected to the Board for the purpose of bringing the NRA to the members at the local level. As Vice Chair of the Grassroots Committee, T.J. is aggressively working to empower NRA members by promulgating the growth of NRA Members’ Councils. In his position on the Education & Training Committee, T.J. is promoting and writing new programs to update and improve the firearms training offered by the NRA.


Nominated by membership petition and NRA Nominating Committee. NRA Crime Strike Coordinator, state of Kansas. Speaker, 1994 Gun Rights Policy Conference, 1993, 1995 NRA Annual Meetings. NRA 4th Congressional District Grassroots Coordinator, instrumental in the defeat of Dan Glickman and many gun-grabbing politicians in Kansas. Life member of NRA and Kansas State Rifle Association (KSRA). Director-at-Large and Legislative Director of KSRA. 1993 NRA/ILA recipient of Local Activist of the Year, Harlan B. Carter/George S. Knight Freedom Fund award through Firearms Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund. High power and IPSC competitive shooter. Kansas Bureau of Investigation approved firearms instructor. Vocal opponent to gun control and staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. National and local TV, radio appearances on gun control issues. Author of pro-gun editorials and magazine articles in statewide and national publications. Guest lecturer, Wichita State University Continuing Education Department on firearms self-defense course.


NRA Nominating Committee candidate. Current NRA Director, Vice Chairman of the Audit Committee, member of the Grassroots Development and Gun Collectors Committees and Vice President of the NRA’s National Firearms Museum Fund, Inc. Endorsed by the Georgia Sport Shooting Association (GSSA), the NRA state association in Georgia. NRA Life member for 20 years. President, for 10 years, of the Georgia Arms Collectors Association, Inc. (GACA), a nonprofit, NRA affiliated since 1958, statewide collectors club. Director and second term President of the GSSA. Member of the GSSA Legislative Committee, actively participating since 1990 as a full-time volunteer in lobbying activities during the Georgia General Assembly 40-day session. Pro-gun spokesperson for Georgia gun owners and the GSSA on local and national television interviews. Competitive shooter and hunter. Editor of Georgia Gunowner magazine that has over 40,000 readers. Campaigned successfully in 1994 to help replace two anti-gun Georgia Congressmen.


Nominated by Committee. Executive Director of Women’s Shooting Sports Foundation. NRA, Training Counselor and Certified Instructor of Shotgun and Personal Protection. Former Chief Instructor, United States Sporting Clays Association (USSCA). Memberships: NRA–Benefactor; USSCA–Life; NSCA–Life; TSRA–Life; Houston Safari Club; The Nature Conservancy. Board memberships: Chairman, Ladies Charity Classic, largest women’s shoot in U.S; Texas Parks and Wildlife Shooting Range Advisory Board; Executive Secretary, Greater Houston Gun Club. Corecipient, $25,000.00 NSSF grant, producing “Telly” award winning video, The Perfect Sport For Women. Feature writer, shotgun editor, Outdoor Discovery magazine, Articles published in Women and Guns, Skeet Review, Sporting Clays. Lamar College, B.S: Major, Forensic Speaking, Minor, Education; lettered four years in debate. Two years graduate work, University of Wisconsin, Classical Rhetoric. Active hunter, competition shooter. Member, 1989 Winchester Team, USSCA Nationals; Captain, Browning Women’s Sporting Clay Team. Numerous pro-gun, pro-hunting appearances, television and radio.


NRA Benefactor member Herb Lanford, a former five-term NRA state association President, was the first recipient of the James M. Smith Award for distinguished service to the right to keep and bear arms, and was named South Carolina’s leading citizen in the defense of our firearms heritage. A hunter, competitive shooter and legislative and grassroots activist, he chaired the Southeast’s first “Friends of NRA” event. A Charter member of the NRA Golden Eagles and the NRA Second Amendment Task Force, Herb is a Life member of the South Carolina, Arizona, California, New Mexico, North Carolina and Texas NRA State Associations, an NRA Certified Basic Firearms Instructor and a South Carolina Certified Hunter Education Instructor. Active in various professional, civic and pro-gun sportsmen’s organizations at the local, state and national levels, Herb is dedicated to an aggressive approach in support of the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.


Uncompromising freedom fighter. 1980-93 NRA Director, always only by petition. Recalled as 1995 Director. Members’ watchdog. Financially independent. Resists pressure. Blames NRA leadership for compromises, defeats and downgrading Second Amendment to sporting use of arms. Led Members’ Political Rights Declaration against NRA bureaucracy. Exposed NRA’s 1982 B’nai B’rith deal and 1990 gun free school zone setup. Oppose NRA’s discriminatory instant background checks of gun buyers. Prefer clearing all driver license applicants, branding felony convictions on license. Successful lobbyist. 1969-71 aborted Commerce City’s antigun bill. Lovell’s Crime Control Committee overturned Lakewood’s antiweapons law in Colorado Supreme Court. 1974-85 successfully opposed state antigun bills: “Saturday Night Specials,” hollow point ammunition ban, registration, waiting periods, ammunition tax, mandatory sentence for carrying firearms, and violent conduct training (jeopardizing self-defense). Gutted B’nai B’rith’s antimilitia bill. Legislative research and skilled witness team helped pass home protection (Make My Day) law.


Incumbent Director since 1994, serving on Clubs & Associations and Women’s Policies committees. Political activist, non-compromising Second Amendment advocate, fiscal conservative. 20 years’ public relations/communications experience, 14 as publicist for military marksmanship programs. Initiated and led drive establishing the Alice Bull National Rifle Trophy in 1991. Publisher, Northwest Shooting News, newsletter for Washington, Oregon, Idaho. Montana and Wyoming state associations. Director, Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association. Director, Central Washington Range Conservancy (501(c)(3) range development organization). Activist in two Washington PACs: Women for Defense Rights, and Women for Responsible Gun Ownership. Media contact on gun legislation issues. Member, Washington Arms Collectors. Publicity Chairman for first Yakima Friends of NRA dinner ($9,000 net). Introduced Eddie Eagle program to Central Washington public school systems. Distinguished Rifleman, Army Reserve major. Married to Don Manning, firearms retailer.


Nominated by the Nominating Committee, NRA Benefactor for 25 years, Life member for 30. John has been an avid hunter all his life and fanatical devotee of shotgun sports. As a staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights, he has continually expressed this need for freedom in his work, a lonely task in the hostile environment of Hollywood. Mr. Milius has held the grudging respect of this community as one of the industry’s top writers/directors in Hollywood for 25 years. He has written 21 feature films and directed 8, such as Dillinger, Jeremiah Johnson, Dirty Harry & Magnum Force, The Wind & The Lion, Apocalypse Now, Conan The Barbarian, Farewell to the King, Flight of the Intruder, Clear and Present Danger and especially Red Dawn. Milius is also a civilian advisor for visual documentation for the U.S. Marine Corps and attended Operation Desert Storm.


Believes in grassroots work with members, elected officials and media (enacting crime controls rather than restricting citizens rights) expanding NRA firearms education, and increasing availability of ranges and hunting areas. Cofounded the NRA-DCM affiliated Beckley Gun Club. With Bill’s efforts, Beckley Gun Club received NRA Club Achievement Award for best program for members, NRA Outstanding Club Award, Most Improved Club, Junior division. State Association–was part of the team when NRA recognized West Virginia as the State Association of the Year, chaired Silhouette Committee; Competitions Committee Coordinator; initiated NRA West Virginia State Fair booth; currently chairs Education Committee. National level–served on Silhouette Committee. Competitive shooter, NRA Firearms Instructor, reloader, NRA Referee. Appearing on television, radio and in print defending the Second Amendment and promoting community-oriented shooting activities. Lead the design, development, construction and maintenance of two multiple range shooting complexes. West Virginia State Rifle & Pistol Association endorsement.


Joe Nava retired as Executive Officer of the University of Alaska’s Institute of Arctic Biology. Was a Game Biologist six years with Alaska’s Fish and Game Department. Shot competitively since 1962. Was NRA Rifle All-American. Is classified in most shooting disciplines. Holds office in many Alaskan shooting organizations. Active in firearms legislation and shooting range construction. Leads a Junior rifle club, trains 4-H leaders, holds NRA Instructor ratings. Is a Training Counselor. Twenty years with Fairbanks Auxiliary Police and 25 years licensed Alaskan Big Game Guide. Has five children and eight grandchildren, all NRA Life members. Member of NRA’s Junior Programs and Collegiate Programs Committees. Promotes Juniors as the future of NRA. Actively enlists Juniors into the NRA political force.


Ted Nugent began hunting in 1953 and playing guitar in 1956. To date, he has released 27 recordings and sold over 30 million albums. Recognized as one of the world’s leading guitar showmen, he is equally well-known as one of the nation’s most sought-after media personalities. Acclaimed for his bold, insightful commentary on issues ranging from gun control to bio-diversity, Nugent is a regular guest on top-rated programs like Chicago’s “Loop” Radio, CNN, Tom Snyder and Rush Limbaugh, even serving as Limbaugh’s E.I.B. hunting/conservation representative. A recipient of numerous commendations from state police, sheriffs departments, FBI and police agencies nationwide, Nugent has been lauded for his Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids and work as a national spokesperson for DARE. He continues to fight for personal freedoms as Editor/Publisher of his Adventure Outdoors magazine, on the lecture circuit and as an award-winning writer.


Nominated by the Nominating Committee; incumbent Director; Benefactor member of NRA. Chairman of the Range Development Committee. Member of the Black Powder Committee; Shotgun Committee; and Recreational Shooting Committee. NRA Range Technical Team Advisor. Member of the Board of Directors of Wisconsin Rifle & Pistol Association. Member of Jefferson Sportsmans Club. Life member of the Second Amendment Foundation. Life member of American Legion and VFW, past Commander of Legion Post 166. Served with Army Intelligence in Korean War and attached to French Indochina section thereafter. President of Consulting Engineering Corporation for 27 years. Former Hunter Safety Instructor. Active hunter, gun collector and firearms competitor. Constructed several ranges in Wisconsin and encourages competitive and recreational shooting. Uncompromising supporter of the right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.


Gene became interested in competitive shooting in 1959 after enlisting in the Marines. After his Honorable Discharge he joined the USMC Reserve Pistol Team and has been a member for over 15 years. Gene became an NRA Life member in 1973, shot 2600 and earned the Distinguished Pistol Badge. He presently holds a Master classification in all five International Pistol disciplines and High Power Rifle. At Camp Perry in 1985, he won the McMillan Trophy and in 1987 won the USAR Memorial Trophy. In addition to being a serious competitor, Gene has found time to be the Manatee Gun Club President for over 13 years. He is a very qualified Small Arms Weapons Instructor for the USMCR, and teaches firearms safety to local shooters and Boy Scouts. Gene is a former Vice President of the Florida Sports Shooters Association and is currently a high power Director for the FSSA.


NRA, past President 1990-1992, a period when NRA became more aggressive. He chaired NRA Legislative Policy Committee for four years, is a Benefactor member and past President of Gun Owners of NH–in that capacity he raised thousands of dollars for NRA/ILA. Fighting for gun owners’ rights since the early 1960’s, he enhanced his effectiveness by becoming involved as State Senator, Selectman and Town Moderator. As a member of the NH Fish & Game Commission, he Chaired the Hunter Safety Education Committee. Appearing on radio and TV on numerous occasions, he became NH’s leading spokesman on pro-firearms issues. Coordinating the Gun Owners Against Kennedy campaign in NH, he contributed to the antigun Senator’s rare defeat at the polls. He was also two-time NH Muzzle Loading Champion, competitor with Master classification in High Power Rifle and is a member of the Whittington Center Founders Club.


Grassroots organizer, spokesman, lobbyist and political activist for more than twenty-five years. One of the original participants of the Revolt in Cincinnati, which began NRA’s direction to effective legislative action. Past President and currently Chairman of the Board of SCOPE, Inc. Former Chairman, Coalition of New York State Sportsmen and past President Alden Rod & Gun Club. Former Vice President, Suburban Pistol League. Member of six standing NRA committees/funds including Grassroots, Law Enforcement Assistance and Public Affairs. NRA Training Counselor. Pro-gun columnist for two weekly newspapers, with articles published in Gun Week and Women and Guns. Communications specialist for Erie County, public relations Director for Lackawanna City Schools, Erie County Deputy Sheriff (reserve), State Committeeman for New York State Conservative Party and Secretary of County Committee. Civilian and police pistol competitor. Former member of the Fort Bragg Pistol Team. Avid hunter with associated interests in conservation and reloading.


Patricia Valentino is the lobbyist for the Illinois State Rifle Association and frequent spokesperson for the sportsmen on television, radio, in the press and in the legislature. She is one of two non-legislators in the Illinois Sportsmen’s Legislative Caucus. Formerly the Vice President and lobbyist for the Maryland/DC association, and liaison for the Illinois and Northbrook chapters of SCI, no antigun or antihunting bills passed while she represented the sportsmen in Maryland or Illinois. A certified Boone & Crockett/Pope & Young measurer, and the Illinois organizer for family shooting events, Pat shoots handguns, rifles, shotguns, archery and actively hunts both big and small game. A firearm industry consultant and gunsmith, Pat designed the engraved shotgun presented to President Reagan by the Italian government. A frequent lecturer at several universities, Pat introduced the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program and other NRA programs into several school systems.


Nominating Committee nominee, NRA Endowment member, endorsed by Association of NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs. Vice Chairman, Coalition of NJ Sportsmen; President, New Jersey Firearms Dealers Association; member, South Jersey Arms Collectors. Legislative Representative for Safari Club International, Central Jersey. President and Founder of South Jersey Sportsmen Inc., for education of firearms issues and political action; DU sponsor; member, Archery Range and Retailers Association. President and Founder, Bob’s Little Sport Shop. Member, National Alliance of Stocking Gun Dealers; member, Single Action Shooting Society. Hunts Africa and North America with bow, handgun and rifle. Testified at hearings on firearms legislation. Appeared on TV and radio to debate and defend private firearm ownership; speaker at civic groups, churches and schools on firearm issues. Volunteer fireman, former lineman and church trustee. NRA Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Instructor, competes practical pistol, DCM. Believes NRA must reach all members for grassroots support for political action.


Glen Voorhees, a Texan, present member of the Board, nominated by the Nominating Committee, voted by his peers to the Executive Committee for the last 2 terms. Chairman of the Publications Policies Committee and Vice Chairman of the Task Force to Protect Second Amendment. He is past Chairman of Clubs & Associations Committee. Committees have included: Grants-in-Aid Committee, Legislative Policy Committee, Nominating Committee, Women’s Policies Committee, Gun Collectors Committee and Junior Programs Committee. One of the former owners of GUN WEEK magazine, he serves as Western Field Editor. Active in forming the Texas Sportsmen and Gun Owner’s Association, was elected Vice President. An avid spokesman for the Second Amendment Foundation, he is a freelance writer, hunter, competitive shooter and collector. Memberships: Texas Rifle Association, El Paso Coalition of Sportsmen, El Paso County Sheriff’s Posse. He is a well-known West Texas activist, in print, radio and TV.


Incumbent NRA Board member, again nominated by voting NRA members across country. Chairman, Law Enforcement Assistance Committee; Vice Chairman, Publications Policies Committee; member, Recreational Shooting Committee. B.A. University of Washington. Board member, Snoqualmie Valley Rifle Club. Associate member, American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers. NRA Certified Pistol, Personal Protection, Home Firearm Safety Instructor. Firearm Safety Instructor, Highline Community College/Adult Education. Award-winning journalist. Managing editor, Hunter Education Instructor. Editor, Small Craft Advisory and Water Safety Journal. National News Editor, Fishing & Hunting News. Wrote original text and successfully campaigned for Washington’s antihunter harassment law. Uncompromising defender of Second Amendment, fought restrictive state gun laws, in person and in print. Promotes NRA Officer Survival seminars. Cofounder, Sportsmen’s Rights Coalition. Lifelong Washington resident, active big game and upland bird hunter. Black powder and action pistol shooter. Wife, Dacey, sons Rhett and Josh all NRA members.


Life member of NRA, currently serving 12th term as Alaska’s only member in the U.S. House. Serves as Chairman of the Resources Committee and Senior Member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Cochair of Congressional Sportsmans’ Caucus. Avid hunter and sportsman. Unfailingly committed to the protection of the Second Amendment and votes consistently toward that end. Cosponsor of Firearms Owners’ Protection Act, 1983-84. Voted against Brady Bill and assault weapons ban. Successfully amended 1993 Crime Bill to include provision protecting hunters’ rights. Cosponsor: Citizens Self-Defense Act, Community Protection Initiative. Original cosponsor of legislation repealing assault weapons ban in 104th Congress. Recipient of: Alaska Second Amendment Coalition Award “For his tenacious defense of the Second Amendment;” Institute for Legislative Action, NRA Defender of Individual Rights Award; Americans for Constitutional Action, Distinguished Service Award. U.S. Army, 1955-57, 41st Tank Battalion. Married, two daughters, two granddaughters.


Sixty-year old petition nominee. Life member NRA (24 years),Texas State Rifle Association (10 years), Life member American Legion (25 years). Defense attorney (33 years) specializing in defending gun owners. Licensed to practice in state, federal and U.S. Supreme Court. NRA Certified Instructor. Rancher, gun collector, avid hunter and sportsman. Army veteran. Member, First Christian Church. Married, two children, three grandchildren. Founder, President of Gunowners, Inc. producing lecture videos on gun laws and self-defense. Conducts seminars, appears frequently on TV and radio, and as guest lecturer educating the public on firearms laws and issues. Edited TSRA Know Your Texas Firearms Laws pamphlet. Believes education of gun owners, especially the young, on the safe, effective and lawful use of firearms is the premium to be paid to ensure preservation of our Second Amendment guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms by free people.


One of the most difficult jobs on the NRA Board is service on the Nominating Committee, that must decide which of many excellent candidates is best qualified for election or re-election as Directors.

Since the Member Reforms adopted in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1977, the NRA Board (the Board YOU elected) has each year chosen–by secret ballot–a nine-member Nominating Committee, no more than six of whom may be Directors or members of the Executive Council. In a subsequent reform, to make certain the wishes of the voting members were followed in the filling of vacancies, an NRA Bylaw was enacted by the membership to require that any vacancy be filled by the unelected candidate who received the next largest number of member votes in the most recent election.

To further insure fairness, the Nominating Committee this year recommended four more nominees than the number of vacancies that exist. The Committee cautions members not to vote for all our nominees. If you vote for more candidates than there are vacancies to be filled your ballot will be disqualified.

NRA Nominating Committee members are: Weldon Clark (Chairman), Donn DiBiasio (Vice Chairman), Richard Carone, Dr. C. P. Chaconas, Fielding Lewis Greaves, Marybeth Topmiller Payne, William Steigers, Dr. Wayne Stump and John Wootters. The membership recommended a total of 81 eligible members to be considered by the Nominating Committee. Most were well qualified to serve on the Board of Directors, and the Committee found very difficult choices among them based on the biographical data submitted and the many recommendations that were received.

The Committee considered such factors as present and future leadership, management experience, legislative and financial expertise and a fierce commitment to the Second Amendment. The Committee recommends the following individuals:

1. Mr Michael P. Baker Gainesville, FL

2. Mr Michael J. Beko Amherst, OH

3. Mr. Raymond W. Cahen Richmond, VA

4. Mrs. Sue W. Caplan Madison, NJ

5. Mr. James A. Church Bath, MI

6. Mr. Ronin Colman Grand Prairie, TX

7. Mr Robert K. Corbin Phoenix, AZ

8. The Honorable Larry Craig Payette, ID

9. Mr. Stephen Donnell LaGrande, OR

10. Dr Dan Fiora Charleston, WV

11. Ms. Sandra S. Froman Tucson, AZ

12. Mr. Thomas G. Geiler Prescott, AZ

13. Mr. Fred Griisser Phoenix, AZ

14. Mr. Wesley H. Grogan, Jr. Glen Burnie, MD

15. Mr. David M. Gross St. Louis Park, MN

16. Ms. Marion P. Hammer Tallahassee, FL 17. Col. Richard P. Hanson Chepachet, RI

18. Mr. Don L. Henry Salem, OR

19. Mr. C. Russell Howard Palos Verdes Estates, CA

20. Ms. Susan Howard Boerne, Texas

21. Mr. T. J. Johnston Anaheim, CA

22. Mr. Phillip B. Journey Haysville, KS

23. Mr. Michael S. Kindberg Alpharetta, GA

24. Mrs. Sue King Houston, TX

25. Mr. Herbert A. Lanford, Jr. Columbia, SC

26. Mr. John F. Milius Los Angeles, CA

27. Mr. Ted Nugent Jackson, MI

28. Mr. John W. O’Donnell Fort Atkinson, WI

29. Mr. Harold W. Schroeder Lancaster, NY

30. Mr. Edward T. Thames* Hattiesburg, MS

31. Mr. Robert L. Viden, Jr. Glassboro, NJ

32. Mr. Glen I. Voorhees, Jr. El Paso, TX

Respectfully submitted,

Weldon H. Clark, Jr. Chairman

*Withdrew from consideration.

Copyright National Rifle Association of America Mar 1995

Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved

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