President’s column

president’s column

Robinson, Kayne

Bigot: Look up the meaning in your dictionary and see if the label doesn’t fit the anti-gun fanatics like a glove, particularly where they are intolerantly devoted to their prejudices against guns. The point of this column is to remind gun owners that we are part of a proud American tradition, steeped in constitutional rights, defense of home, family and country. There are 80 million of us-we are the backbone of America. Although the elite media and the snob left despise our freedom, we have right, history and liberty on our side. We should never, never give in to the forces that would rob us of freedom. Never, never surrender to the bigots who look down their noses at our freedoms.

They sugar-coat their deceitful siren song with a few nice-sounding phrases that test well in polling.They typically involve safety, kids’ safety, preventing crime and the bigoted assertion that gun owners are not fit for their polite society. I probably shouldn’t take the time, but here are a few comments on their false assertions.

SAFETY: The truth is, for the past three decades, the firearm accident rate has decreased-due, in no small part, to the firearm safety and hunter education programs of the NRA. In fact, no other government or organization spends as much money and time in teaching firearm safety to millions of gun owners and hunters every year than the NRA. And the accident rate among children is at an all-time record low, down to almost zero in most states.

KIDS’ SAFETY: Check the figures for your own state on will see that the number of children killed in gun accidents has been grossly exaggerated. Children are people 14 and under. You will immediately see for yourself the lie about kids and guns-accidental deaths involving kids and guns are extremely rare-look it up. For example, where I live, Iowa, there is either zero or one child 14 and under killed in a gun accident in a typical year.

CRIME: The nation’s violent crime rate has decreased every year since 1991 and in 2003 hit a 27-year low, even as the number of guns is at an all-time high. Right-To-Carry states have lower violent crime rates, on average: 27% lower total violent crime, 32% lower murder, 45% lower robbery, and 20% lower aggravated assault.

SELF-DEFENSE: NRA and gun owners are the leading advocates of citizen self-defense. Defense against whom? Criminals, of course. Gun owners are on the side of the law-abiding. By strengthening self-defense laws, concealed carry and lawsuit abuse reform, we protect our right to defend family, home, business and to travel unmolested. If the police come in time, we are grateful, if notwell, at least we may not be helpless.

Every anti-gun politician who ever passed an anti-gun bill immediately demanded another anti-gun law, ban or restriction.They will never be satisfied until they confiscate all our guns; only NRA stands in their way. Our gun heritage is anchored in the Constitution. Any fair reading of the words of those who wrote the second Amendment makes it obvious that it protects the right of the people as individuals to own rifles, pistols and shotguns. Since NRAs principal activity is defending the second Amendment, we are the nation’s largest and oldest civil-rights organization.As a gun owner, you have the moral high ground.

Many timid agencies and some organizations want to apologize and whimper; give up some unpopular gun; cave in to the politically correct ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN.They hope they will get favorable mention or a pat on the head if they grovel or give in just a little.There will never be enough groveling, enough softening of words, enough apologizing.The bigots hate our guns and our lifestyle. If we wimp out, they will immediately be back for more.

Every time we fail to protest an insult to our rights and heritage we make it easier for the next insult.That’s why NRA will never be part of giving in to bigots. No other respectable civil-rights movement would stand for insults by people trying to destroy their rights, nor will we. You never have to sit silently while our heritage is smeared and vilified. When we stand up for our rights, a marvelous thing usually happens: we find that there are many others nearby who agree and stand with us. Eighty million gun owners means that every third person probably owns a gun like you do.There are many others who support you even though they don’t own a gun right now.

Take heart-it doesn’t matter what the bigots think-the country is with us, it trusts us, it is in sympathy with our freedom, it respects our good name. You and a majority of Americans just kept the most anti-gun presidential candidate in history, John Kerry, from being elected. You were the major force in defeating Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, who repeatedly betrayed gun ownerseven to the point of co-sponsoring progun bills and then working to add killer amendments to destroy those very bills. You helped elect more than one president and majorities in the Senate and House.You have earned the right to stand up and be very proud.

Kayne Robinson

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