Rotavirus Vaccine

Rotavirus Vaccine

Monica Preboth

The rotavirus vaccine (RotaShield) was voluntarily pulled off the market by the manufacturer in October after at least 99 cases of intussusception linked to the vaccine were reported. Any physicians who still have doses of the vaccine have been asked to return them to the manufacturer immediately.

The vaccine was approved in 1998 to protect children against rotavirus, the leading cause of childhood diarrhea. In July, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advised physicians to temporarily stop vaccinating infants against rotavirus after 20 infants developed intussusception soon after receiving the vaccine. An estimated 1 million infants in the United States had received the rotavirus vaccine. Available data do not indicate an ongoing risk to children given the vaccine in the past. Intussusception thought to be associated with the vaccine occurred within the first two weeks after vaccination.

Physicians and patients may call 877-768-2543 with any questions about the rotavirus vaccine.

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