Putting the Finishing Touches on AFP’s Latest CD

Putting the Finishing Touches on AFP’s Latest CD – American Family Physician

Janis Wright

AFP is putting the finishing touches on a new CD-ROM product that is going to surpass every previous version in terms of giving readers what they want most–a repository of six years of AFP with enhanced search tools that locate information in short order. The CD contains articles, patient information handouts, and most departments, including over 2,000 “Tips from Other Journals,” a favorite among readers.

Last year, Medifor, Inc., the company who produces AFP’s CD, made a step to modernize the product by upgrading the software to FolioViews, which contains powerful search capabilities. This year’s product has been refined by the addition of tools that allow well-defined searches and enhanced by new graphics.

You will find a number of ways available to search for an article on a particular subject. You can consult a subject category index for articles and then peruse topic areas. Or you can use the search engine to look for specific terms in article titles. To broaden the search, you might look for terms or phrases in the entire text or in designated sections of the journal. You can also locate algorithms by searching a topic index.

The CD offers an index of issues, along with an index for selected departments. Articles, patient information handouts and quiz questions are indexed according to six main categories (“Community and Family Medicine,” “Adult Medicine,” “Surgery,” “Children’s Health,” “Women’s Health” and “Mental Health”). Each of these categories is further divided into subcategories for ease in locating particular subjects.

Readers have found that the compilation of quiz questions on the CD offers a particularly convenient way of studying for recertification examinations. This year’s CD features pop-up answers to quiz questions. Quiz questions are also linked with articles so that you can rapidly gain access to the areas you would like to review.

The updated software and enhanced indexes and search capabilities make this CD our best ever. CDs can be obtained by calling the AAFP Order Department (800-944-0000) or by ordering online (www.aafp. org/products/). Orders can also be placed through Medifor, Inc., 647 Washington St., Port Townsend, WA 98368-5743 (telephone: 800-366-3710; fax: 800-385-4402; e-mail: info@medifor.com; www.medifor.com.).

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