HTAC Report on the Use of Dental Implants

HTAC Report on the Use of Dental Implants – Health Technology Advisory Committee

Monica Preboth

The Health Technology Advisory Committee (HTAC) has published a report on dental implants. HTAC was established in 1992 by the Minnesota state legislature. It is an independent, nonpartisan advisory body that evaluates new and emerging health care technologies based on existing scientific research and technology assessments.

According to the report, a dental implant is a surgically implanted device that replaces the lost roots of a tooth to which an artificial tooth, partial denture or denture can be attached. Dental implants may be the best option for persons who have a weakened jawbone, who cannot manage removable dentures or cannot properly chew food. The report discusses who should have implants and reasons for not having implants.

Complications usually include swelling, pain, bleeding, possible infection, partial numbness at implant sites and nausea. Nerve disturbances, which can be permanent, and bone fracture may also occur.

Cost for dental implants depends on the number of implants, type and design of the implant, and the materials used. Nationally, the retail cost varies from about $1,000 for one implant to a high of $80,000 for full mouth reconstruction.

All persons are not ideal candidates for implants, according to HTAC. They work best in persons with atrophy, those who have lost part of their jawbone or those who have trouble chewing. Also, persons who are concerned about how they look or sound may choose implants.

This report (document 000202) and others published by HTAC may be obtained by calling 651-282-6374 or by e-mail ( us/). There is no charge for the reports. All reports are also available on the HTAC Web site at http://www.

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