Food Choices to Help Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Food Choices to Help Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Grain Products

Foods to choose Foods to limit

* Whole-grain breads and cereals * Biscuits

* Baked products made with whole grains and * Croissants

limited amounts of fat and sugar * Stuffing

* Fruit and nut bread

* Fried or greasy snacks (tortilla chips, corn

chips, popcorn, etc.)

Vegetable and Fruits–Eat Five Per Day

Foods to choose Foods to limit

* Beta-carotene sources: carrots, cantaloupe, * Vegetables prepared in

apricots, tomatoes, winter squash, spinach, high-fat sauces

etc. * High-fat items such as

avocado and coconut

* Vitamin C sources: oranges, grapefruit, red * Fried or deep-fried

and green peppers, strawberries, broccoli, vegetables (potatoes,

etc. mushrooms, zucchini, etc.)

* Folic acid sources: oranges and orange * Fried snacks (potato

juice, green vegetables, leaf lettuce, chips, sweet potato

chips, etc.) asparagus,

etc. bananas, leafy

* Cabbage family: broccoli, brussels sprouts,

cauliflower, cabbage, etc.

Milk and Dairy

Foods to choose Foods to limit

* Skim or 1 percent milk * Whole or 2 percent milk

* Nonfat dry milk or evaporated skim milk * Sour cream

* Low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt * Butter and margarine

* Farmers cheese * Fried or deep-fried cheese

* Part-skim mozzarella or ricotta cheese * Regular cheeses

* Low-fat cheeses * Ice cream

* Ice milk * Cream (half and half,


* Low-fat frozen yogurt

Meat or Meat Alternatives

Foods to choose Foods to limit

* Lean beef, veal, pork and lamb (trim all * Chicken and turkey

visible fat) with skin

* “Prime” grade, heavily

marbled or fatty

meats (such as rib-eye


* Skinless chicken and turkey breast

* Low-fat processed meat (lean ham, low- or * Sausage, bacon, frank-

nonfat bologna and hot dogs, etc.) furters, bologna, etc.

* Goose and domestic duck

* Fish and shellfish * Fried or deep-fried meat,

poultry and seafood

* Dried beans, peas and lentils

Fats, Oils and Sweets

Foods to choose Foods to limit

* Use sparingly–broil or bake instead of

frying * Greasy and/or fried items

* Use fruit, instead of butter and syrup, on * Spreads and salad dressings

pancakes and waffles * Desserts that are high in

fat and sugar (pastries,

* Choose low-fat sweets (angel-food cake, pies, doughnuts, candy,

graham crackers, ginger snaps, etc.) if you etc.)

have enough calorie allowance after getting

foods from the other food groups

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