Dermatology in General Medicine, 2 vols.

Dermatology in General Medicine, 2 vols. – book reviews

Robert A. Schwartz

This classic dermatology book has been the most prestigious American dermatology text since its first appearance in 1971. The fourth edition, complete with full-color clinical illustrations, lives up to the standards set, by the previous editions.

This two-volume, multi-authored book covers biology and pathophysiology of the skin, disorders of the skin and mucous membranes, dermatology and internal medicine, microbial agents, therapeutics, and pediatric and geriatric dermatology. Some of the 240 chapters could serve as independent monographs. The references in each chapter are usually current and complete. The photographs and other illustrations are uniformly excellent.

This work seems to have struck a solid balance between essential information and brevity, although I would have preferred the encyclopedic approach of the previous edition. In all fairness, however, maintaining that approach would probably have added an additional 1,000 pages to the text.

This book has covered all of general dermatology in a complete and thorough fashion. The authors and editors, who aimed to “place dermatology in the continuum of general medicine and to acquaint the general physician with the vast array of cutaneous lesions that indicate pathology in other organ systems,” have succeeded in these goals and much more. As usual this is an outstanding and authoritative book.

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