Anabolic steroid education for high school football players

Anabolic steroid education for high school football players – Tips From Other Journals

Anabolic Steroid Education for High School Football Players Despite sanctions against the use of anabolic steroids, athletes continue to use these agents to increase muscle strength and size. Potential adverse effects include increased risk of premature cardiovascular disease, sterility, early epiphyseal closure, acne and psychologic changes.

Goldberg and colleagues surveyed the football players of six varsity high school teams to assess attitudes and knowledge of the potential risks and benefits of anabolic steroids and the effect of educational interventions. A confidential questionnaire was distributed to all of the athletes and included questions about the availability and use of steroids, as well as knowledge and attitude assessment. Although only 1.1 percent of the athletes reported using these agents, 38.8 percent reported that steroids were available to them.

The American College of Sports Medicine’s position on the use of androgenic steroids in sports was the basis of the educational programs. Members of two of the teams received a lecture plus a four-page handout concerning steroids. Members of two other teams received only the handout, while the final two teams served as control subjects.

All of the participants were again surveyed two weeks after the educational intervention. Although awareness of six of the negative effects of steroids was enhanced by written material, no differences in attitudes toward steroid use were noted. The greatest area of increased knowledge concerned the potential of steroids to cause acne. There was no change in knowledge for seven of the 13 potential health effects covered in the educational materials.

The members of the six participating teams in this study reported lower than expected use of steroids. However, the authors express concern about the apparent ineffectiveness of education to change attitudes or awareness of some potentially serious effects of anabolic steroids. (Journal of Adolescent Health Care, May 1990,. vol. 11, p. 210.)

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