To Try Net Film Subscriptions To Try Net Film Subscriptions

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., 2001 JAN 16 (NB) — By Ian Stokell, Newsbytes. is planning to offer a film subscription service, delivering short and feature-length movies via its Web site.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the subscription service will offer access to the site’s 1,500 short-form and longer films, which are said to be a mixture of little-known movies and older features that are now in the public domain.

The company, a unit of San Francisco-based Always Independent Entertainment Corp., like most Web content businesses, is looking for ways to improve revenue.

The WSJ quoted CEO Howard Rosenberg as saying that his company currently gets some revenue from advertising, but also makes some money from syndicating films to other Web sites, as well as selling them to companies for off-line use.

“Like in any business, if the customer doesn’t value the product enough to pay something for it, there’s no business,” he is quoted as saying.

The service is set to begin in February, with all current members and advance subscribers being charged a discounted rate of $4.99 a month for a year.

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