Atheist Singles

Atheist Singles

The match-making “Atheist Singles” service is intended to help members of American Atheists find Atheist friends and lovers, despite the fact that they frequently are scattered at low density across the country. If you are a member and wish to participate in this service, please limit your “Atheist Singles” entry to one hundred words or fewer. Please include your name and postal address, so we will know where to forward replies when they come in.

Entries should be sent to:

Atheist Singles

P.O. Box 5733

Parsippany, NJ 07054-6733

Readers who are members of American Atheists and wish to communicate with any of the people with notices in this issue should do the following:

* Write your response and place it in a stamped, self-addressed, sealed envelope.

* On the back of the envelope, place the notation “A.S.” and the reference number (for example, 00-04-03) of the entry to which you are responding.

* Place the envelope inside another envelope, seal it, and mail it after addressing it to the Atheist Singles address printed above in bold type.

* When your letter arrives at the American Atheist Center, the outer envelope will be opened, the inner envelope extracted, and the address corresponding to the reference number you wrote on it will be written on the front of the envelope. The envelope will be mailed out forthwith.

* Please remember that entries and replies will be accepted only from members of American Atheists. This is a benefit of membership in American Atheists.

Opinions and preferences expressed by advertisers in this column are those of the correspondents and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of American Atheists, Inc.

02-08-01: SWF–age 41, 5’2″, 130 lbs. Never married, no children, looking for male companion. Age irrelevant. My profession is inspection and law enforcement. Hobbies include motorcycling, skydiving, roller skating, entomology and herpetology. I enjoy travels to jungle locations and I work with anacondas in South America. I also raise and train insects from various continents. I enjoy a warm climate. I am willing to relocate providing I am able to find employment because I require my own income.

02-08-02: SWM, 5’7″, 170 lbs., 34, nonsmoker, drugs. Atheist – Like Harleys, concerts, eating out, travel. Looking for one girl who would like to be my assistant, as I’m a professional magician who performs all over, so she must like to travel. Kids are not in my plans. I have an athletic body, w/goatee, and sport an Atheist tattoo, right shoulder. I’m financially secure.

02-08-03: SWM 36, 6’3″, 211 pounds, never married, no children. Hello I am looking to meet a nice woman to share my common interests. I enjoy tennis, gym, travel and fine dining. I’m looking for a friend to a long term romance, that is intellectually stimulating and honest. Many say that I look like Andy Pettitte (Yankee pitcher).

02-08-04: Male, 26, in South Georgia (not by choice) seeks fellow Atheists and freethinkers of any age and gender in the area: from Atlanta to Central Florida. Just looking for good people to share my free time with, whether it be simple intelligent conversation, knocking back some frosties, or organized activism.

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