Atheist of the month: New Jersey assistant state director Chad Hetman

Atheist of the month: New Jersey assistant state director Chad Hetman – Brief Article

Chad Hetman spent nearly seven years in the Boy Scouts and before that he was in the Cub Scouts and Webelos. Chad always had a hard time with the religious overtones and requirements of the scouts. Despite being an Atheist who held his breath anytime it was required to join in prayer or recite a religious pledge or oath, he was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout.

We are recognizing him as the Atheist-Of-The-Month because of what he recently did. Chad told us that, “Always being told that I owned the BSA and should give something back to the scouts, I did just that, well sort of. At a recent press conference held by the organization called Scouting For All, I took the opportunity to speak about my disapproval of the Boy Scouts of America’s discrimination policies which are not only unethical, but UnAmerican. Although I am an Eagle Scout who also happens to be a military officer with seven years of honorable service who displays all the virtues of scouting. I am deemed ” a bad person” by the BSA, a group that lies, slanders, demonizes and discriminates solely with bigoted intent.

I then gave back my Eagle Scout award medal. However, I did not give it back to the BSA headquarters where they would simply throw it in the trash, Instead I gave it to Scott Cozza, President of Scouting For All, as a symbol for SFA to show that Eagle Scouts condemn the bigotry of the BSA.

For this we honor Chad Hetman as our Atheist of the Month!

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