Navy releases updated Selective Reenlistment Bonus award levels

Navy releases updated Selective Reenlistment Bonus award levels

Kyle Raines

The Navy released the latest Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) award levels, effective Feb. 1 for eligible Sailors reenlisting in Zones A, B or C, in a naval message.

This message updates the SRB multiples the Navy released in November in NAVADMIN 260/04.

“The SRB program is another example of our Human Capital Strategy’s aim to ensure we have the right Sailors with the right skills in the right jobs, and this program helps us achieve that goal,” said VADM Gerry Hoewing, Chief of Naval Personnel

“It is a flexible incentive for the Navy to encourage retention in ratings where skilled Sailors are needed end in turn provides those Sailors with greater financial compensation,” said Hoewing.

The multiples for 33 ratings in both Zone A and B increased over the previously published levels. Sailors in Zone A have less than six years of service, while Sailors in Zone B have between six and 10 years of service.

In Zone C, Sailors who have been in the Navy between 10 and 14 years, there were 57 ratings that showed an increase in award levels.

Several ratings now have an SRB in certain zones where previously none existed: Quartermasters, Zones A, B, C; Cryptologic Technician (Technical), Zones B and C.

Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Fuel), Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling), Engineman, Damage Controlman and Hull Technician now have SRBs in Zone A, as wall.

“The Navy will continue to closely monitor retention among our critical skill sets, and we will issue another SRB message as fleet requirements dictate,” said RADM Jerry Talbot, director of Military Personnel Plans and Policy Division in Washington.

Sailors whose SRB levels decreased have a 30-day grace period to reenlist at the higher rate. Compared to the November message, there were 13 ratings in Zone A that decreased, 15 ratings in Zone B and three in Zone C that also decreased. The decreases went into effect March 5.

For more information, contact your command career counselor or view the NAVADMIN online at Messages/NAVADMINs/Message Details/020_05.htm.

Kyle Raines, who is assigned to the public affairs office, Chief of Naval Personnel.

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