Navy E-Learning Web Sites Now Available

Navy E-Learning Web Sites Now Available – Brief Article

The Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET) has taken another giant step in support of its mission to “transfer more knowledge to more Sailors, faster and at less cost” with the official opening of “Navy E-Learning’ the next generation of distributed learning technology.

At the Navy E-Learning Web sites or, Sailors now have greater access to training, education and professional development information, and many more courses.

“The new Navy E-Learning Web site offers more than 800 information technology (IT), 350 professional soft-skill (management and leadership courses) and 37 military courses, via a single, integrated portal on the World Wide Web,” according to Bill Dyas, CNET’s head of the Distributed Learning Branch in the Education Training and Strategies (ETS) division.

The information technology courses range in scope from beginning computer applications, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel, to Local Area Network/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) administration and programming/development, such as C++, Java and Visual Basic. Soft-skill courses will encompass leadership, management and other professional development curricula.

The Navy courses include Damage Control Petty Officer; Introduction to the Naval Reserves; the DON Chief Information Officer (DON CIO) Systems Thinking; and a variety of command and control, communications, computer and intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance/information operations (C4I5/R) courses.

“Navy E-Learning is truly a big step forward for our Navy,” said MCPON(SS/SW/AW) James L. Herdt. “Our Sailors are the direct beneficiaries of the inspirational foresight and initiative of the coordinators and leader at the Chief of Naval Education and Training.”

The goal of Navy E-Learning is to provide access to courses that provide the knowledge and skills the Navy workforce needs to empower themselves and foster lifelong learning habits. Individuals logging into Navy E-Learning will be able to control the time, place, and extent of learning.

Herdt continued, “The Navy E-Learning is the perfect example of Sailors gaining more and more opportunities to grow professionally. You’d be hard pressed to find an organization that gives its people more opportunities to realize their full potential.”

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