Navy Cash goes live aboard USS Ronald Reagan

Navy Cash goes live aboard USS Ronald Reagan

Shane Tuck

Sailors aboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) recently received a new, first-rate service, when the Navy Cash Program went live, eliminating the necessity for paper money.

From vending machine purchases to Morale, Welfare and Recreation tickets, any cash purchase aboard ship will require a Navy Cash Card. The card automates the financial process aboard the ship and frees departments that handle money so they can assist Sailors better.

“Not needing cash on board will make things easier and faster,” said Airman Apprentice Wyatt Coppernoll. “All we have to do is swipe the card through a machine and we’re done.”

The Navy Cash Card does more than make purchases aboard the ship convenient. The card makes funds more secure because it requires a personal identification number (PIN). “Cards are PIN protected and will decrease theft on board,” said Disbursing Clerk 2nd Class Willie J. Hogan of supply department. “It also gives you more control over your money.”

The card is accepted wherever you see the MasterCard logo. The account is used as a debit card, so you can’t spend money not in the account.

There are five cashless ATMs aboard located throughout the aft mess decks. Unlike a normal ATM, this ATM doesn’t issue a receipt or dispense cash. Although the cashless ATM doesn’t issue statements, you can access account information at Up to 13 months of transactions may be viewed at the Web site.

“I love the new cards,” said AN Heather Beckham, a native of Phoenix. “I don’t have to carry change around to get something out of the vending machine. I can just stick my card in, and I get the same service.”

Story by JO3 Shane Tuck, who is assigned to the public affairs office, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76).

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