Military, spouses, have new program to find jobs in Hampton Roads area – Around the Fleet

Military, spouses, have new program to find jobs in Hampton Roads area – Around the Fleet – Brief Article

Each year, between 15,000 and 25,000 military personnel in Hampton Roads leave military service. To encourage these individuals to transition into the Hampton Roads work force, Opportunity, Inc., Hampton Roads’ Workforce Development Network, is introducing a new program called NEXStep Training for Transition; which links exiting military personnel and displaced military spouses with free career counseling and training.

As part of this program, Opportunity, Inc., has partnered with the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce to develop a program called “TekJobs” that posts technology job openings on a Web Site and assists eligible individuals in finding technology-related jobs in the region.

Both programs are also being made available to eligible individuals on the Hampton Roads peninsula through a collaborative arrangement with the Greater Peninsula Workforce Development Consortium and its Peninsula Worklink partnering agencies.

“Hampton Roads is home to families from every branch of the military,” said E. Roy Budd, president and CEO of Opportunity, Inc. “Now, with the introduction of the NEXStep program, we can help eligible individuals obtain the skills necessary to be successful in the civilian workforce. This not only empowers the individual, it strengthens our regional workforce.”

NEXStep augments the military’s transition assistance programs by providing free career counseling and training resources. Together with TekJobs, it provides eligible personnel with career training and helps them find jobs with Hampton Roads businesses.

To be eligible for NEXStep services, applicants must be a:

* Military person who has been involuntarily, but honorably, discharged.

* Federal employee who has received RIF (reduction in force) notification.

* Military spouse who left a job because of a military move.

* Reservist or National Guard member who has been activated due to the attacks on September 11, 2001, and has concurrently served 180 days of active-duty service.

“We are working with Opportunity, Inc., to ensure that eligible personnel are made aware of and take full advantage of the NEXStep program,” said RADM David Architzel, Commander, Navy Region, Mid-Atlantic. “We recognize the importance of helping quality Sailors who have served well and decided not to make the Navy a career. This type of service helps make a smooth transition for those leaving the military and offers a way for the Navy to give back to the local community.”

Since many military personnel have technical backgrounds, Opportunity, Inc., developed the TekJobs program as a way to leverage their expertise and to grow the region’s technology work force. Currently, there are approximately 55,000 people employed in technology-related jobs in Hampton Roads, representing eight percent of employed people in the region.

Technology plays an important role in today’s work environment,” said John A. Hornbeck Jr., president and CEO of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. “When we refer to technology jobs, we’re referring to any job that utilizes information and automated technology to perform its primary function.”

The TekJobs program will include listings of available technology-related jobs in Northern Virginia.

The NEXStep Training for Transition center is located at 7712 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk. NEXStep representatives are also located at transition assistance centers at select local military bases.

To learn more about services and eligibility requirements, visit NEXStep Training for Transition sites at local military bases, or call (757) 440-4003 on the Southside, and (757) 865-5874 on the Peninsula.

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