History Makers: Interviews. – Review

History Makers: Interviews. – Review – book review

Youssef H. Aboul-Enein

History Makers: Interviews

By Fred Schultz; Naval Institute Press; Annapolis, Md.; 232 pgs

The book’s author, Fred Schultz, is editor-in-chief of the bi-monthly magazine of the Naval Institute, Naval History. He’s known in naval circles as a prolific writer and has served on the editorial staff of America’s most well-respected military magazines. His first book is a collection of interviews that graced the cover of Naval History and Proceedings magazines. They include two dozen of the most influential actors, journalists, scientists and politicians who’ve been influenced directly or indirectly by the sea or the sea-service.

The book begins with actor Ernest Borgnine, the original McHale in “McHale’s Navy.” He recounts his early experiences as a Sailor in the U.S. Navy and how it influenced the show and his career as an actor. Some of the antics on the hit comedy show actually were taken straight out of his time guarding the East Coast from the Nazi submarine threat.

Columnist Art Buchwald jokes about his days as a United States Marine, but his true stories seem to be akin to Gomer Pile. Readers will also learn about the true story of the Japanese agent who tried to infiltrate American bases on Hawaii and frustrated took tea in an Oriental teahouse that overlooked Pearl Harbor. He eventually visited that teahouse daily and took copious notes about the rhythm of the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor. His information eventually aided in the planning of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee discusses his time as a Junior naval officer aboard a destroyer during World War II and Civil War Historian Shelby Foote discusses why Civil War naval campaigns do not receive the top billing that Army battles do. Jean Costeau, son of the late oceanographer Jacques Costeau, talks about environmental issues facing the world’s oceans and the importance of the sea as national resource.

The book continues with interviews with former Marine Gene Hackman, General Anthony Zinni and Vice President and former Defense Secretary Richard Cheney. The book is an easy read and highlights some interesting reflections about the Navy and the seas.

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