200-Question Advancement Exam to Premier with January 2002 Chief’s Exam

200-Question Advancement Exam to Premier with January 2002 Chief’s Exam – Brief Article

A new 200-question enlisted advancement exam is coming to Navy test-takers everywhere, beginning with the Cycle 174 chief petty officer’s exam in January 2002. The Navy Advancement Center, which has been carefully preparing this new exam over the last six months, is reviewing and checking each step in the process to ensure a smooth transition from the original 150-question exam.

Changes to the exam include more questions covering professional military knowledge (PMK). Sailors will now be exposed to more PMK areas for study, and in doing so, will be better able to prepare themselves as leaders and managers in addition to being technically proficient individuals in their own rating.

As individuals advance in rank and move into more supervisory and management-type positions, a greater emphasis will be placed on PMK. Therefore, petty officer 3rd class candidates (E-4) will notice the smallest change to the exam.

Third class petty officers will receive a test with 150 rating knowledge questions (15 more than in previous cycles) and 50 PMK questions. The 2nd class (E-5) exam will cover 135 rating knowledge questions and 65 PMK questions, while the 1st class (E-6) exam will have 115 rating knowledge questions and 85 PMK questions. The chief petty officer exam will have an even split of 100/100 exam questions.

As in previous cycles, the bibliography for advancement (BIBS) for each exam is posted on the Navy Advancement Center web site six months prior to the exam. Sailors visiting this site will find important information to help them prepare for their exam and be given the same references used by exam writers in developing the exams. Sailors can download a copy of their rating’s particular Advancement Handbook, which provides additional insight into exam preparation for rating knowledge.

For more information on the Navy Advancement Center and the upcoming 200-question advancement exam, visit the NAC Web site at www.advancement.cnet.navy.mil.

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