Gallagher, Sheila

A Force on the Move

The Nurse Practitioner Association of Alberta (NPAA) is a group of registered nurses (RNs) with an interest in advancing the role of the nurse practitioner (NP) in Alberta. In April 2003 they were sanctioned by AARN’s Provincial Council as an AARN specialty practice group.


NPAA’s Executive Committee includes:


NPAA’s goal is to promote the role of the NP in Alberta and provide support for Alberta’s NPs. NPAA will promote the role of the NP in Alberta by:

* providing opportunities for affiliations with other provincial and national NP organizations

* contributing to the collective voice of nursing from the unique perspective of the NP

* advocating and supporting the principles of primary health care in Alberta

* lobbying government and other health disciplines on behalf of NPs

* educating the public, government and other health-care professionals about the role of NPs

NPAA will provide support for Alberta NPs by:

* providing a sustainable, professional, provincial support group for NPs

* providing networking opportunities for NPs within the NPAA and other RNs through the group’s affiliation as an AARN specialty practice group

* promoting communications, collegiality, and mutual respect among NPs provincially and nationally


Active Members must hold current active member registration with AARN, their primary residence must be in Alberta and they must have a commitment to the advancement of the NP’s role.

Privileges include:

* receiving NPAA publications and communications

* having the right to vote in NPAA elections and hold office

Associate Members must:

* hold a current associate member registration with AARN

* be an out-of-province resident

* be committed to the advancement of the NP role

Associate member privileges include receiving NPAA publications and communications.


NPAA has many activities on the horizon which include:

* launching the NPAA website at in January 2004

* hosting a day-long education and research workshop focusing on women’s health issues in conjunction with its first annual general meeting in Spring 2004

* first election of officers in Spring 2004

* conducting a survey of current NP salaries and job descriptions to assist colleagues across the province address negotiations for wages and benefits

In spring 2004, NPAA will distribute information regarding its first election of officers.


Contact: Mary Nugent

Phone: 403.223.0388


Submitted by: Dr. Sheila Gallagher, RN

Member, NPAA Education and Research Committee

Nurse Practitioners: Vital members of the health-care team

In September 2003, AARN distributed an information kit to regional health authorities, nurse practitioners and other stakeholders outlining the roles of NPs in a publicly-funded health-care system. The information kit addresses some of the communication and information barriers related to the role of both NPs and RNs in effectively meeting population health-care needs. For a copy of the information kit, visit AARN’s website at or contact AARN at 1.800.252.9392.

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