Air National Guard

Air National Guard – Organization

Federal Mission

Maintains well-trained, well-equipped units available for prompt mobilization during war. Enforces federal authority,, suppresses insurrection and defends the nation when mobilize by the president, Congress or both. Units augment the Air Force by participating in operations and exercises worldwide by direction of the air staff, major commands or joint/unified commands.

State Mission

Provides assistance during national emergencies, such as natural disasters and civil disturbances, when not mobilized or under federal control. Under state law, provides protection of lire and property, and preserves peace, order and public safety. Commanded by the governors of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands and the commanding general of the District of Columbia. Each governor is represented In the state or territory chain of command by an adjutant general The ANG Readiness Center is a field operating agency.


Officers 13,724

Enlisted 94,562

Civilians 1,249

Total 109,535

Flying Activity

Provides 100 percent of file ntercept0r, 64 percent of the air traffic control, 49 percent of the tactical airlift, 45 percent of the KC-135 refueling capability, 32 percent of the general purpose tighter force, 23 percent of the rescue and recovery capability, 16 percent of tactical air support, 15 percent of weather flights, 11 percent of the strategic airlift capability and 6 percent of the Air Force’s special operations capability.

Support Activity

Provides 100 percent of the aircraft control and warning forces, 811 percent of the combat communication, 74 percent of the installation engineering capability, 68 percent of the air control support forces, 49 percent of the civil engineering forces, 38 percent of the security forces and 14 percent of the aerial port operations capability,


Abbreviation codes:

ACW: Air Control Wing

AFB: Air Force Base

AG: Airlift Group

ANGB: Air National Guard Base

ANGS: Air National Guard Station

ARS: Air Reserve Station

ARW: Air Refueling Wing

AW: Airlift Wing

FTU: Formal Training Unit

FW: Fighter Wing

IAP: International Airport

JARB: Joint Air Reserve Base

JARS: Mini Air Reserve Station

MAP: Municipal Airport

RQW: Rescue Wing

SOW; Special Operations Wing

WG: Wing

Air Combat Command

I 102nd FW, Otis ANGB, Mass. (F-15A)

I 103rd FW, Bradley IAP, Conn. (MOA-10A)

I 104th FW, Barnes MAP Mass. (A/OA-10A)

I 106th RQW, Francis S. Gabreski Airport, N.Y. (HC-130, HH-60G)

I 110th FW, W.K. Kellogg Airport, Mich. (A/OA-10A)

I 111th FW, Willow Grove ARS, Pa. (A/OA-10A)

I 113th WG Andrews AFB, Md. (C-21, C-22, C-38, F-16C/D)

I 114th FW, Joe Foss Field. S.D. (F-16C/D)

I 115th FW, Truax Field, Wis. (F-16C/D)

I 116th ACW, Robins AFB, Ga. (E-8C)

I 119th FW, Hector IAP, N.D. (F-16A/B)

I 120th FW, Great Falls IAP, Mont. (F-16A/B)

I 122nd FW, Fort Wayne IAP, Ind. (F-16C/D

I 124th WG Boise Air Terminal, Idaho (A/OA-10A. C-130)

I 125th FW. Jacksonville IAP, Fla. (F-15A/B)

I 127th WG, Selfridge ANGB, Mich. (F-16C/D)

I 129th RQW, Moffett Federal Airfield, Calif. (HH-60, MC-130)

I 131st FW, Lambert-St. Louis IAP, Mo (F-151A/B)

I 132nd FW, Des Moines IAP, Iowa (F-16C/D)

I 138th FW, Tulsa IAP, Okla. (F-16C/D)

I 140th WG, Buckley AFB, Colo. (C-21, C-22, C-38, F-16C/D)

I 142nd FW. Portland IAP. Ore. (F-15A/B)

I 144th FW, Fresno Air Terminal Calif. (F-16C/D)

I 147th FW, Ellington Field, Texas (F-16C)

I 148th FW, Duluth IAP, Minn. (F-16A/B)

I 150th AW, Luis Muniz ANGB, Puerto Rico (C-130E)

I 158th FW, Burlington IAP, Vt. (F-16C/D)

I 159th FW, New Orleans ARS, La. (F-15A/B)

I 169th FW, McEntire ANGS, S.C. (F-16C/D)

I 174th FW, Hancock Field. N.Y. (F-16C/D)

I 175th WG, Warfield ANGB, Md. (A/OA-10A)

I 177th FW, Atlantic City IAE, N.J. (F-16C)

I 180th FW, Toledo Express Airport, Ohio (F-16C/D)

I 181st FW, Hulman Regional Airport, Ind. (F-16C/D)

I 183rd FW, Capital MAP, Ill. (F-16C/D)

I 187th FW, Dannelly Field, Ala. (F-16C/D)

I 188th FW, Fort Smith Rcgional Airport, Ark. (F-16A/B)

I 192nd FW, Richmond IAP, Va. (F-16/D)

Air Education and Training Command

I 149th FW (FTU), Lackland AFB, Texas (F-16A/B)

I 162nd FW (FTU), Tucson IAP, Ariz. (F-6A/B/C/D)

I 173rd FW (FTU), Klamath Falls IAP, Ore. (F-15C/D)

I 189th AW (FTU), Little Rock AFB, Ark. (C-130)

I 178th FW (FTU), Springfield-Beckley MAP, Ohio (F-16C/D)

Air Force Special Operations Command

I 193rd SOW, Harrisburg IAP. Pa. (EC-130E)

Air Mobility Command

I 101st ARW. Bangor IAP, Maine (KC-135E)

I 105th AW Stewart IAP, N.Y. (C-5A)

I 107th ARW. Niagara Falls JARS, N.Y, (KC-135R)

I 109th AW, Schenectady County Airport, NY. (C-130H, LC-130H)

I 117th ARW. Birmingham IAP, Ala. (KC-135R)

I 118th AW, Nashville IAP, Tenn. (C-130H)

I 121st ARW, Rickenbacker ANGB, Ohio (KC-135R)

I 123rd AW. Louisville IAP Ky. (C-130H)

I 126th ARW, O’Hare IAP, III. (KC-135E)

I 127th AG, Selfridge ANGB, Mich. (C-130)

I 128th ARW, General Mitchell ARS, Wis. (KC-135R)

I 130th AW, Yeager Airport, W.Va. (C-130H)

I 133rd AW, Minneapolis-St. Paul JARS, Minn. (C-130H)

I 134th ARW, McGhee Tyson ANGB, Tenn. (KC-135E)

I 135th AG, Warfield ANGB, Md. (C-130J)

I 136th AW, Dallas NAS, Texas (C-130H)

I 137th AW, Will Rogers World Airport, Okla. (C-130H)

I 139th AW, Rosecrans Memorial Airport, Ma. (C-130H)

I 141st ARW Fairchild AFB, Wash. (KC-135E)

I 143rd AW, Quonset State Airport. R.I. (C-130E)

I 145th AW, Charlotte/Douglas IAP, N.C. (C-130H)

I 146th AW. Channel Islands ANGS. Calif. (C-130E)

I 151st ARW, Salt Lake City IAP Utah (KC-135E)

I 152nd AW, Reno-Tahoe IAR Nev. (C-130H)

I 153rd AW, Cheyenne MAP, Wyo. (C-130H)

I 155th ARYV, Lincoln MAP, Neb. (KC-135R)

I 157th ARW Pease ANGB, N.H. (KC-135R)

I 161st ARW, Phoenix-Sky Harbor IAP, Ariz. (KC-135E)

I 163rd ARW, March IARB, Calif. (KC-135R)

I 104th AW, Memphis IAP, Tenn. (C-141C)

I 165th AW, Savannah IAP, Ga. (C-130H)

I 166th AW, New Castle County Airport, Del. (C-130H)

I 167th AW, Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport/Shepherd Field, W.Va. (C-130H)

I 171st ARW, Pittsburgh JARS Pa. (KC-135E)

I 172nd AW. Jackson IAP, Miss. (C-141B)

I 179th AW. Mansfield Lahm Airport, Ohio C-130H)

I 182nd AW, Greater Peoria Airport, Ill. (C-130E)

I 184th ARW, McConnell AFB, Kan. (KC-135R)

I 185th ARW, Sioux Gateway Airport, Iowa KC-135E)

I 186th ARW, Key Field, Miss. (KC-135R)

I 190th ARW, Forbes Field, Kan. (KC-135E)

Pacific Air Forces

I 154th WG, Hickam AFB, Hawaii (C-130H, F-15A/B, KC-135R)

I 168th ARW, Eielson AFB, Alaska (KC-135R)

I 176th WG, Kulis ANGB, Alaska (C-130H, HC-130, HH-60G)

This list shows only Air National Guard flying units About 172 civilian and 94 military locations have ANG units assigned For a complete list of units, visit

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