Travel Health & Environment Watch

Travel Health & Environment Watch

Jan 28, 2008

Continental Airlines

Continental Going Green. Continental Airlines recently switched to ground vehicles powered by electricity at some of its hubs. Jan 23, 2008


RaceTrac stations add ethanol-blend gas. Add RaceTrac to the list of filling stations now selling ethanol-blended gasoline in Central Florida. The Atlanta-based company has started pumping gasoline blended with up to 10 percent ethanol at several stations across the region. An employee for a RaceTrac on North Alafaya Trail in Orlando, which sells the blended fuel, said other stations are either selling the fuel now or will be doing so shortly. RaceTrac joins New York-based Hess and Murphy Oil, which sells gas at Wal-Mart Stores, as purveyors of ethanol in the region. Jan 21, 2008


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