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Airport News

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Airport malls taking off. Airports increasingly are redesigning their space to accommodate retail and are offering a wider variety of goods and services. Industry analysts say the trend accelerated after Sept. 11, when airlines needed to increase revenue from other sources to offset higher airline costs. Aug 27, 2006

Airport shops see slow sales for liquid items. Sales of alcohol and other liquids declined Thursday at airport duty-free shops after new security rules prohibited liquids, creams and gels in carryon luggage. Some experts think the increased security will hurt overall sales at airport retail shops, and others note that airport restaurants could see higher sales as travelers spend more time waiting for flights.

Aug 27, 2006

Airports hope to become destinations for travelers. Some airports are transforming themselves into destinations for travelers, USA Today’s Harriet Baskas writes. For example, Grand Hyatt DFW, which is attached to the new International Terminal at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, offers vacation-at-the-airport packages featuring culinary arts, golf and family events. Aug 27, 2006

SITA and SIIC Shanghai International Trade Co. were awarded a four-year, $8 million contract to equip Shanghai Pudong’s new Terminal 2, scheduled to open next year, with integrated airport management systems including SITA’s Common Use Terminal Equipment passenger check-in system and BagManager baggage system. Aug 25, 2006

Albany airport

Albany airport will join Registered Traveler program. Albany International Airport says it will participate in the Registered Traveler pilot program. Up to 20 U.S. airports will take part in the program. Aug 27, 2006

Boston airport

Boston travelers may face weekend delays. Boston’s Logan International Airport will close one of its four main runways for resurfacing on weekends through October. The project, which starts Friday night, may delay some weekend flights. Separately, huge traffic problems following the fatal July 10 ceiling collapse in a Big Dig highway tunnel are being blamed for a drop in business at Logan last month. Aug 23, 2006

Cincinnati airport

Cincinnati airport remains most expensive major airport in U.S.. Strong demand and tight airline schedules have made Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport the most expensive major U.S. airport from which to fly, according to an analysis in USA TODAY. Aug 22, 2006

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

Terror plot spurs airport to spend more on security. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has spent an additional $20,000 per week on police since the foiled London terror plot on Aug. 10. The airport is now patrolled by 13 to 17 officers, many of them on overtime. Aug 22, 2006

London airports

London airports security restrictions are still very much in place at UK airports readers are reminded. But what you can carry varies depending on whether you are flying to the USA or the rest of the world. The rules are for the aircraft which means that inbound the same restrictions are likely to be found. Your hand luggage cannot be larger than (17.7″ wide [yen] 13.7″ long [yen] 6.2″ deep/high and liquids, cosmetics, toiletries, gels and plastics, lighters and sharp items are on the banned list. However you can purchase from shops and restaurants after the search. If you are bound for the USA there is further boarding security. No toiletries or cosmetics purchased in the departure lounge will be allowed into the aircraft cabin and the same goes for drinks or liquid items. Aug 26, 2006

London airports

London BAA Sees No Flight Cancellations On Holiday Weekend. British airport operator BAA is putting additional resources in place to prevent flight cancellations this weekend amid heightened security measures following a suspected bomb plot, the company said on Tuesday. Aug 23, 2006

London airports

London’s BAA believes London Heathrow would struggle to accommodate an influx of US airlines following the signing of open aviation area agreement between the US and EU, The Times reported. According to a BAA internal briefing acquired by the newspaper, demand already exceeds supply at LHR for slots as well as apron and terminal capacity and the airport would be unable to cope with another increase in demand for new services. Aug 22, 2006

London airports

London’s BAA spokesperson said the airport operator expects carriers to attempt mass migration from London Gatwick to LHR if and when an OAA deal is reached. “There are 30 Gatwick-US flights every day. They will want to come to Heathrow,” the document said. Until the opening of LHR Terminal 5 in 2008, BAA reckons it might have to split a new carrier’s service between more than one terminal or even split the arrival and departure elements of one service between two terminals. “The difficulties in communicating this arrangement to passengers, and the wayfinding difficulties faced by passengers themselves, would be unfortunate side effects of such a step,” the note stated. Aug 22, 2006

London Gatwick

London Gatwick is to gain a forth airport hotel following an agreement reached between Kew Green Hotels and BAA Lynton to develop a 220-bed Courtyard by Marriott hotel. It will be sited alongside the existing 791-room Hilton. Kew Green, which is set to submit a planning application for the hotel to Crawley Borough Council this autumn, previously worked with BAA Lynton to develop the Express by Holiday Inn which opened at Stansted airport in February 2005 and also operate a further 15 of the brand plus three Days Inns. Aug 26, 2006

London Stansted

London Stansted passengers will not face a strike by baggage handlers and check-in staff this weekend after the TGWU and GMB unions reached a two-year labor deal with Swissport. GMB said the company offered an 11% pay increase. Aug 24, 2006

London Stansted

London Stansted Airline Consultative Committee called on the UK Office of Fair Trade to address what it alleges is “the ongoing failure of BAA to provide facilities at Stansted Airport that meet their requirements and those of the traveling public.” The airline users of STN are quarreling with BAA over its [pounds sterling]4 billion-plus plan to expand the airport, which is mainly used by LCCs. Aug 21, 2006

London Stansted

London Stansted airport prepares for strike as airlines appeal to government to halt BAA spending. London Stansted airlines and passengers face yet another wave of disruptions following a vote by the airport’s baggage handlers and check-in staff to strike during the August Bank Holiday weekend in a dispute over pay. Some 500 employees of Swissport International represented by GMB and TGWU will conduct separate day-long strikes Aug. 26-27 and again Aug. 28-29, disrupting the Bank Holiday weekend. Stating that passengers have suffered enough, Swissport called on the unions to enter into mediated talks “to try to find a quick and agreeable resolution to this dispute.” Swissport is owned by Grupo Ferrovial, which also owns STN after buying BAA in June. Aug 21, 2006

Miami airport

Miami airport may close concourse to speed construction. Miami International Airport may temporarily close its Concourse A to speed construction of the rest of the terminal. Airlines that operate out of the concourse’s 15 gates would have to move to other parts of the airport. Aug 27, 2006

Newcastle airport

Newcastle airport is to loose its daily SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) service to Copenhagen from 3 September. There is no alternative carrier. SAS currently uses a Canadair regional jet for the service with a flight time of 1 hour 45 minutes. The abandonment of the route clearly surprised the airport who were in a position to monitor the passenger loads. Eastern would be a leading contender to take over the services but in the meantime travelers between the two cities will have to go via Heathrow on British Airways, or perhaps Amsterdam changing carriers. Aug 26, 2006

Orlando airport

Orlando airport boosts fees for travelers. Orlando International Airport wants to generate additional revenue for airport projects and will charge travelers an additional $1.50 in fees. The money will help pay for a new baggage conveyor and security system now under construction and, eventually, another terminal. Aug 23, 2006

Pittsburgh airport

Automation helps Pittsburgh airport improve efficiency. Automation has helped cut the amount of time fliers wait in security lines from 45 minutes to 10 minutes at Pittsburgh International Airport. A computer baggage screening system also reduces the need for Transportation Security Administration personnel. Aug 27, 2006

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