Case-Based Reasoning. – Review – book review

David B. Leake

Experiences, Lessons, & Future Directions

Case-based reasoning is a flourishing paradigm for reasoning and learning in artificial intelligence, with major research efforts and burgeoning applications extending the frontiers of the field, this book provides an introduction for students as well as an up-to-date overview for experiences researchers and practitioners. It examines the field in a “case-based” way, through concrete examples of how key issues — including indexing and retrieval, case adaptation, evaluation, and application of CBR methods — are being addressed in the context of a range of tasks and domains. Complementing these case studies are commentaries by leading researchers on the lessons learned from experiences with CBR and visions for the roles in which case-based reasoning can have the greatest impact.

ISBN 0-262-62110-X 420 pp., index.

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