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The Computing Research Association announced that two AAAI members have been elected to serve three-year terms on their Board of Directors, beginning July 1, 2001. Barbara Grosz of Harvard University will serve as an academic representative, and Dave Waltz of NEC Research will serve as a lab representative.

Geoffrey E. Hinton has been chosen as the first recipient of the David E. Rumelhart Prize, sponsored by the Glushko-Samuelson Foundation and the Cognitive Science Society for contributions to the formal analysis of human cognition. Hinton was chosen for his many important contributions to the analysis of neural networks, elucidating the nature of representation, processing, and learning in the brain. Hinton will receive the prize and deliver the first Rumelhart Prize Lecture in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, to be held August 1-4 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Prize itself will consist of a certificate, a citation of the awardee’s contribution, and a monetary award of $100,000.

Geoffrey Hinton received his B.A. in experimental psychology from Cambridge in 1970 and his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh in 1978. He did postdoctoral work at Sussex University and the University of California at San Diego and spent five years as a faculty member in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie-Mellon University. He then moved to Toronto where he was a fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and a professor in the Computer Science and Psychology departments. He is a former president of the Cognitive Science Society, and he is a fellow of the Royal Society (UK), the Royal Society of Canada, and the American Association for Artificial Intelligence. In 1992, he won the ITAC/ NSERC award for contributions to information technology. Hinton is currently director of the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at University College London.

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