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AAAI is pleased to announce the continuation of its Awards program in 2002. The AAAI Awards include the following:

The Classic Paper Award

This award honors the author(s) of paper(s) deemed most influential, chosen from a specific conference year. The 2002 award will be given to the most influential paper(s) from the Third National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-83), Washington, DC. A listing of these papers is available at aaai-proceedings.html. AAAI members can access full text of the papers in the online Member’s Library. All members of the artificial intelligence community are encouraged to submit nominations for this award. Candidacy is not limited to AAAI members or to people still active in artificial intelligence. Posthumous awards will be considered.

The Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes one individual for extraordinary service to the Al community. Areas of service could include, but are not limited to: society service, service as an editor, conference organizer, representative of AI in other organizations (e.g. CRA, ACM, IEEE), or influential service as a government agency contract monitor or program director, resulting in positive effects on the field of Al. Nominees must be current members of AAAI. All regular members of AAAI are encouraged to place an individual’s name in nomination.

The Effective Expository Writing Award

This award honors the author(s) of a high quality, effective piece of writing, accessible to the general public or to a broad AI audience (not just a subarea), written within the last two years. The contribution should be based on sound science, interesting ideas or systematic review, with non-trivial content, but the award is primarily for the exposition–the author need not be the one who has done the research. Nominated papers must be in English and must have been published in a publicly accessible place (e.g., periodical, hard copy or online journal, but not only as a web site or technical report). All regular members of AAAI are encouraged to nominate a candidate.

All awards will be presented at AAAI-02 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and will include a certificate and $2,500. Complete nomination information, including nomination forms, is available at awards.html. The deadline for nominations is March 15, 2002. For additional inquiries, please contact Carol Hamilton at

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