Cooling fan assemblies simplify repairs, save time

Cooling fan assemblies simplify repairs, save time

Replacing individual radiator or condenser cooling fan motors can be a time consuming, multi-step job. Your customers have to pull the fan assembly, remove and replace the fan motor, and then refit the fan assembly. If the fan motor is riveted to the shroud, some extra drill work will be required and things could get tricky. After years of exposure to temperature extremes, the plastic tends to get brittle and can be easily damaged. If that happens, the entire fan assembly will have to be replaced.

Eliminate motor removal and hassles

Fortunately, things have gotten much easier and simpler. With a new aftermarket cooling fan assembly, you can give your customers the option to replace the entire radiator or condenser fan assembly in one shot. It will make their job easier and help prevent comebacks. According to Rick Wagner of Siemens VDO Automotive, a company who builds OE fan assemblies for vehicle manufacturers, “Aftermarket cooling fan assemblies offer faster, easier installation and they’re very economical. They’re priced significantly lower than the OE dealer and they give you everything you need to do the job right. Just bolt in a new assembly, plug in and you’re done. On the labor side, a shop can look to save anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes per fan motor by replacing the entire fan assembly instead.”

Make sure it meets OE Specs

Wagner also notes, “But you have to be careful. Make sure the fan assembly you sell to your customer is designed to meet OE specs. The motor must be vehicle-specific to deliver proper airflow. If it’s not up to spec, your customer could be facing an overheating comeback when the weather gets hotter and possibly more serious engine damage, such as a warped cylinder head, valve bending, piston scoring and other parts failures.

“The connector and other related parts should be an exact OE fit, otherwise you’re looking at guesswork and possibly errors. You also have to consider reliability and service life. An OE-style motor can last up to three times as long as some ‘universal’ motors.”

Save up to 40 minutes per vehicle

Labor Comparison–Fan Motor vs. Fan Assembly Replacement 1993-97 Nissan Altima *

[C] Flat rate for dual fan motors: 1.5 hrs

[C] Flat rate for dual fan assembly: 0.7 hrs

[C] Potential labor savings on dual fan: 0.8 hrs

* Based on labor estimating guide.

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