Top 10 celebrity bachelors

Daniel Vaillancourt

What kind of guy makes our Top 10? For starters, he’s got to be out–and good-looking. Being rich and famous doesn’t hurt. He’s got to be single, of course. But since gays can’t yet legally wed in the United States, how is “single” defined? Two men under one roof (sharing one bed) are obviously off-limits. Ditto for a pair of guys going steady. But if they’re casually dating (Robert Gant and Kyan Douglas rumors, anyone?), they’re fair game. So here are our Top 10 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors-at least until Valentine’s Day

1 Robert Gant Randy Harrison actors, Queer as Folk

If you like the Great White North, one of these guys–each of whom spends the better part of the year in Toronto shooting the landmark Showtime series–might be the one for you. Sure, it’ll be cold, but you can snuggle up … and even get legally hitched if things go well.

Downside: Long work hours for him, plus “all those QAF fan-addicts tearing at your flesh.

2 Rufus Wainwright singer-songwriter

The Canadian crooner’s third album, just out, is titled Want One, and presumably Rufus does. The man who recently told an interviewer “I’m basically a slut” followed up with “but I’m also really, really shy.” Sounds like the best of both worlds to us.

Downside: Constant touring. Constant groupies. Can you face the competition?

3 Reichen Lehmkuhl Chip Arndt Amazing Race champs

As soon as this daring duo earned the crown and the cash, they split up. Arndt is now on the lecture circuit (teaching kids about queer issues) while would-be model-actor Lehmkuhl’s near-nude physique adorns a billboard high above West Hollywood, Calif. (He’s also a spokesman for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.) Each of these guys is a catch.

Downside: Can you live with the still-closer-than-close relationship between these two ex-husbands?

4 Kyan Douglas, Thom Filicia, Carson Kressley, Jai Rodriguez style gurus Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

As a group, this quartet has the eligibility market cornered. But even singly, they’re front-runners all. (It figures that the one who can cook–Ted Allen–is partnered.)

Downside: Can you ever measure up, or will you be destined for a life of domestic makeovers?

5 Chris Wilson molecular biologist Boy Meets Boy mate

What was leading man James thinking when he passed on Wilson in the first round of Boy Meets Boy? This guy is hot–and easily the most “normal” and private person on our list. That could change, since Wilson wouldn’t say no to a career in modeling or acting. But if neither pans out, he’s got that great day job.

Downside: “I’m still young,” says the bachelor, born in Philadelphia, raised in Kalamazoo, Mich., and recently transplanted to San Diego. “In the last year I’ve grown a lot, but I’ve still got a long way to go.”

6 Graham Norton

host of talk ?? BBC America s So Graham Norton

This flashily dressed Irishman may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying he’s lovable, witty, and white-hot. With his ever-increasing popularity on this side of the pond, we can expect more and more of Norton in America. In the meantime, would a London pied-a-terre be so bad?

Downside: Long-distance love affairs stink.

7 Jason Gould actor-director sole heir to a divadom

Streisand’s only child keeps a fairly low profile, but he can still be spotted tooling around his WeHo hood in his big black SUV–solo. Not only does J. Go stand to inherit a megafortune, he seems truly smart, sweet, and talented

Downside: Your Barbra imitation has to go.

8 Marcelo Gomes principal dancer American Ballet Theatre

The Brazilian-born beauty has danced Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, but so far his chief partners have been prima ballerinas. Perhaps you could change that in 2004. Be honest–you’ve always fancied a man in tights.

Downside: He can do a split. Can you?

9 Duane Cramer photographer

When he’s not behind the camera, San Francisco-based Cramer is in front of the world as a tireless AIDS activist. Says Thomas R. Simpson, director of the AfroSolo Theatre Company: “Duane Cramer goes beyond capturing his subject’s essence … he captures their soul.” Perhaps he can capture yours?

Downside: Overexposure.

10 Will Young the original (British) pop idol

Before Kelly, Ruben, and Clay, there was Will. Cute as a bug and unabashedly gay, he’s sold more than 850,000 copies worldwide of his debut album, From Now On. His just-released follow-up, Friday’s Child, with its solid gold single, “Leave Right Now,” is sure to make the singer-songwriter catch fire stateside.

Downside: Get in line! Will may be America’s best-kept pop secret, but fans are punting everywhere else in the world.

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