Reader comments from

Reader comments from

* “We became involved the day Bush announced his support for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would make GLBT people second-class citizens–we flew from New Mexico to San Francisco and got married.”

* “If ‘actively involved’ means walking around chanting a slogan and waving a sign, then no. If it means shooting down objections to same-sex marriage in conversation when I hear them, standing up for same-sex dignity when any opportunity presents itself, and living my life as a queer woman, then yes.”

* “We will fight like hell to get our awesome Ontario marriage recognized here in the USA. We will do everything we can to keep from becoming ‘unconstitutional’ in our homeland.”

* “Plan? I’m already e-mailing my congresspeople, family, and friends!”

* “To not get involved on some level simply is not an option.”



In the March 30 issue, readers

were asked:

Do you plan to get actively

involved in fighting the antigay

Federal Marriage Amendment/

Yes 81%

Undecided 7%

No 12%

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