Reader comments from – The Advocate Poll

Reader comments from – The Advocate Poll – reader forum

* “I thought the whole idea was to prevent discrimination against everyone. Besides, it’s the people who look queer who get the grief. They don’t mess with people who look and act `normal’ no matter whom they’re sleeping with.”

* “Discrimination of any sort is not just wrong but fundamentally evil. I mean, we shouldn’t even discriminate against straight people!”

* “If the culture at large is going to consistently conflate transgender issues with sexual minority issues under the GLBT banner, then there are no grounds whatsoever for particularized exclusion.”

* “The transgender experience is fundamentally different thant the homosexual experience. As a gay man, I am tired of being lumped into a big-tent category that includes the gender-dysphoric.”

* “We can’t afford to leave anyone behind.”

In the October 15 issue, readers

were asked:

Should the federal Employment

Non-Discrimination Act include

protections for transgendered


No 6%

Yes 91%

Undecided 3%

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