Rants & raves

rants & raves

“I’ve been interested in women since I was 12 years old. I think I could definitely fall in love with a woman, but I’ve always been more into men.”

“Gay? I don’t like that term. The very concept of gay puts people in categories. Queer to me is much broader, the idea that something like sexuality is extremely fluid and not capable of being reduced to a category. Am I queer? Absolutely. I have enjoyed sex with men and women throughout my life.”

–Michael Stipe, in the May issue of Q

“It’s like I’m so into being the girl and being feminine and little, and the thought of someone’s skin being as soft as mine freaks me out.”

–Alyssa Milano, on speculation that she “digs chicks,” in the April issue of Details

“Defense of Marriage? It’s like the old V-8 commercial. As if … heterosexual men all over the country would say [smacking forehead], `I could’ve married a guy!'”

–Rep, Barney Frank, deriding the federal Defense of Marriage Act during a lecture at the University of Texas at Austin, as reported in the April $Austin American-Statesman

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