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rants & raves – Brief Article

“I’m a raving Republican and a Christian…. [Today’s movies are] all nudity and people screwing around.”

–Hollywood icon Jane Russell, 79 (pictured at right in the controversial 1943 film The Outlaw), interviewed at the Christian Pre-Inaugural Gala, as quoted in the January 20 edition of The Washington Post

* “People have a right to like or dislike certain shows and themes. The problem is when they decide that everybody else should feel the same way.”

–Danny Nucci, star of CBS’s upcoming gay-themed sitcom based on the film Kiss Me, Guido, as quoted in the January 20-26 issue of TV Guide

“A consciousness must be created in which the ability to carry out military tasks is not measured by the sexual orientation of a soldier.”

–From a six-page order titled “How to Deal With Sexuality,” issued by the German army’s general inspector, Harald Kujat (below), on January 23

* “I don’t disavow my private life. I also don’t want to become someone’s poster girl either. And, you know, that’s been somewhat difficult in terms of the movement. I’ve tried to be as simple and direct as I can without being exploited or tabloidized.”

–Lily Tomlin, talking about her 30-year personal and professional partnership with writer Jane Wagner (below, at right, with Tomlin), as quoted in the January 22 issue of Us Weekly

“I always play women I would date.”

–Angelina Jolie, talking about her lead role in the upcoming action film Tomb Raider, as quoted in the January issue of the British magazine Total Film

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