Perk up – silicone nipple enhancers

Perk up – silicone nipple enhancers – Brief Article

Karen Louise Boothe

Business is peaking for a Minneapolis-based company selling nipple enhancers made of silicone. Bodyperks, designed to be worn under form-fitting clothing, made their national debut on a recent episode of Sex and the City and are inspiring Tupperware-style parties in lesbian living rooms around the country and gay bars such as Boom! in Minneapolis.

Entrepreneurs Lori Barghini and Julia Cobbs got their idea from a girls’ weekend getaway. “One of our friends put bottle caps underneath her bra,” Barghini said, “and we told her she looked hot.”

While women gay and straight have been snapping up the enhancements, men generally react in one of two ways: “They either slap them on their forehead or try them on.” Barghini added that if the company enough requests, they’ll consider making a version specifically for men. “So far, it seems gay men have been more interested,” she said.

Priced at $19.95, the enhancers come in pink and brown flesh tones and are available at the Bodyperks Web site.

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