Hustler’s rhapsody – author Rick Whitaker

Hustler’s rhapsody – author Rick Whitaker – Brief Article

Assuming the Position, author Rick Whitaker’s tell-all about his days juggling drugs, a job at a publishing house, and work on the sly as a prostitute, has titillated everyone from New York magazine to National Public Radio. Developing a rep as “the literary hustler is a little difficult,” admits Whitaker, 31, who now lives clean in Cooperstown, N.Y., where he has been “completely” monogamous with a new beau for almost a year. “I didn’t plan to get sexually sober,” Whitaker says. “In fact, I got kicked out of group therapy once for having sex with somebody else in the group.” His career has taken a twist too: Whitaker works with children who have severe physical and mental impairments. The scribe is keeping a journal about it all, so expect another book.

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