Foul play

Foul play – Brief Article

When Danielle Goldey and Meredith Kott shared a kiss at Los Angeles’s Dodger Stadium in early August, they could never have imagined the furor they would unleash. After briefly locking lips, the two were ejected by stadium guards who told them that another fan complained that children in attendance should not be subjected to “those people.”

But after Kott and Goldey (who was later identified as a former porn actress known as Nico Treasures) threatened to sue, the team’s management stepped up to the plate August 23, donating 5,000 tickets to gay and lesbian groups and promising the couple behind-the-plate seats. The team also pledged to institute sensitivity training for stadium staff.

“I was troubled … because of what it implied about the Dodger organization,” team president Bob Graziano told the couple. “It means a lot to me that you are Dodger fans.”

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