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Eric Mueller

Roads scholar

The recent Vermont supreme court decision recognizing same-sex relationships did more than spur a legislature into action; it prompted University of Vermont student Bill Tickner to come out to his family, friends, and fraternity brothers. Tickner didn’t stop there, though: He’s now driving across the United States, urging other gay students to jump-start the fight for marriage in their own states. His Web site documents this journey, with photos and writings from each stop. The guest book is interesting–has checked in, from fellow students and friends to the activists Tickner has met along the way.

http://www.geocities. com/billtickner/ index.html

Hot Web site

Whether you’re looking for a movie for the girlfriend (does the DVD version of Contact come with extras?) or just wondering what else Christian Bale has done on the big screen (remember him in the Disney musical Newsies?), the Internet Movie Database has all the answers, IMDb knows more than even the most rabid Hollywood gossip queen: By encouraging the Internet community at large to keep the site spring-fresh, it’s the ultimate movie resource–an epic production of full credits and bios, news, reviews, plot summaries, show times, photo galleries, trivia and goofs, DVD details, and much more.

Kosher klatch

Celebrate Reform Judaism’s acceptance of same-sex unions with a visit to the Virtual Faygeleh. Click on the gefilte fish on the site’s main page, and you’re welcomed into a colorful, if slightly meshuga, jumble of gay Judaism. The site has culture, religion, and entertainment sections; its best feature is the Robby Benson page, which is full of (kosher) eye candy.

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