Across the nation

Across the nation

Olympia, Wash.

Thurston County superior court judge Richard Hicks on September 7 became the second judge in just over a month to strike down as unconstitutional the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Both cases are being appealed to the state supreme court.

Rutland, Vt.

A family court judge on September 2 found Lisa Miller-Jenkins in contempt for disobeying a child-visitation order handed down in Vermont, where she joined her former partner in a civil union in 2000. In late August a judge in Virginia, where Miller-Jenkins lives, issued a competing decision in the case.

Sacramento, Calif.

A superior court judge on September 8 dismissed a lawsuit challenging the state’s newly expanded domestic-partnership registry. The law granting gay and lesbian couples most of the state-level rights of marriage w take effect on January 1.

Columbia, Mo.

Steven Rios, 27, a married former police officer, has been accused of killing University of Missouri-Columbia student Jesse Valencia, 23, after Valencia allegedly threatened to expose their sexual affair. Rios pleaded not guilty on September 7.

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