A strong dose of Testosterone

A strong dose of Testosterone – the Buzz

“I CAN DEFINITELY RELATE to doing crazy stuff for love,” muses Antonio Sabato Jr. on the set of Testosterone, a boy-meets-boy, boy-dumps-boy, boy-chases-boy-to-Argentina story currently shooting in Buenos Aires. “I’m very much a romantic.”

The same can’t be said of his Testosterone alter ego, South American playboy Pablo Alesandro, who walks out on his devoted Los Angeles artist boyfriend, Dean Seagrave (David Sutcliffe), without even saying goodbye. The darkly comic thriller follows Dean’s well-intended, erotically charged, and occasionally chemically altered quest for closure. “Dean’s trying to reclaim his soul while coming to terms with his dark side,” says Sutcliffe, who is best known for playing Lauren Graham’s baby-daddy on TV’s Gilmore Girls. “His actions aren’t always reasonable, but they’re understandable. Most people have had dark fantasies involving their ex-lovers. Dean just acts on them.”

“It’s a story about obsession and the lengths we’ll go to, to feed our own egos,” says the film’s director, David Moreton (Edge of Seventeen), who based his screenplay (written with Screening Party author Dennis Hensley) on the novel by the late James Robert Baker.

Sabato is prepared to go to great lengths of his own on behalf of the project. “When I say yes to something, I do it all the way,” admits Sabato, laughing, when asked if he plans to doff his trusty Calvin Klein briefs for the role. “Whatever I have to do to make the best Pablo possible, I’ll do.”

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