U-Charge® Li-ion Power System

U-Charge® Li-ion Power System

Valence Technology, Inc. of Austin, Texas, it is shipping four new models of its U-Charge® Power System large-format lithium-ion batteries as well as a new battery management system (U-BMS). The new battery models are based on Valence’s Saphion® technology.

The XP Power Systems are capable of peak power rates of 500 to 1700W, depending on the model. Three of the four new models are conveniently packaged in standard lead-acid sizes and operate at standard lead-acid voltage ranges. The UEV model is a unique size that has a taller profile for tighter footprint compartments and an 18V nominal rating. Each model includes integrated battery monitoring electronics and a communications port to access battery data. As many as 30 of these battery systems can be connected in series for very high voltage applications such as pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, boats, and power back-up applications.

The U-BMS can be used with 12V to 450V to provide battery-to-battery balancing, battery system monitoring, direct control of external disconnects and remote battery system control. The U-BMS can communicate with system controllers via either CAN Bus or RS-485 Protocol.

For more information, visit www.valence.com.

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