Microchip’s 28-pin PICmicro Flash microcontroller

Microchip’s 28-pin PICmicro Flash microcontroller

Microchip Technology Inc. of Chandler, Arizona, has introduced its PIC16F72 Flash microcontroller, which is code and pin-out compatible with the company’s PIC 16CR72 ROM-based and PIC 16C72A OTP-based microcontrollers. The device has a migration path to address applications that require reprogrammable Flash memory, thus allowing existing boards and software to be used and design cycles shortened. Available in 28-lead PDIP, SOIL, SSOP packages and the new 28-lead Quad Flat No Leads (QFN) Chip Scale Package (CSP), the PIC 16C72A saves board space.

Highly flexible and cost effective, the microcontroller is ideal for small memory applications requiring analog functionality with serial communication and digital I/O requirements. Targeted applications include automotive body controls, automotive cabin controls, electric tools, battery chargers, and consumer appliances.

The PIC 16F72 microcontroller features 3.6K bytes of Flash program memory, 128 bytes RAM, 5 MIPS performance at 20MHz, and an operating voltage range of 2.0V to 5.5V. A 5-channel, 8-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a Capture/Compare/PWM module, two 8-bit timers, and one 16-bit timer are also featured. Brownout detection/reset (BOR), a watchdog timer (WDT), and In-Circuit Serial Programming(TM) (ICSPT(TM)) technology are included. Serial I/O features include SPIT and 12C(TM) protocols.

Available in 28-lead packages, pricing for 1,000-unit quantities is $1.97 each for the PDIP, SOIC and QFN packages and ‘$2.05 each for the SSOP package. Visit www.microchip.com.

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