Third Accounting History International Conference, The

third Accounting History International Conference, The

Riccaboni, Angelo

Over 100 delegates attended the third Accounting History International Conference that was successfully held in Siena during the 17-19 September 2003. Delegates travelled from many countries to attend the conference, including Australia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and the United States of America. Many scholars from various parts of Italy also attended the conference. The quality of the papers and the high standard of the presentations made were features of the conference. In addition, the social program of the conference was most enjoyable as was the wonderful weather that prevailed during the conference period.

In total, 62 papers, excluding the three plenary papers, were submitted for review for the conference. All submitted papers were subjected to a double-blind review process. Many papers were accepted subject to revision, thus ensuring that the quality of accepted papers was high. Professors Dick Fleischman, Anne Loft, and Giuseppe Galassi delivered the plenary addresses and spoke on a variety of topics on the opening morning of the conference.

A highlight of the conference was the inaugural Accounting History Doctoral Colloquium that was held on 17 September. In all, 10 candidates attended the Colloquium from a total of five countries. The panel of experienced researchers who officiated at the Colloquium comprised Professors Garry Carnegie (Chair), Dick Fleischman, Michael Gaffikin, Anne Loft, Steve Walker and the writer. The Colloquium will now become a permanent feature of future Accounting History International Conferences, the next of which will be held in Braga, Portugal during the 7-9 September 2005 under the convening of Lucia Lima Rodrigues of the University of Minho.

The Italian Society of Accounting History (ISAH) proudly hosted the third Accounting History International Conference. Special thanks are expressed to Professors Franco Poddighe and Giuseppe Galassi, President and Vice-President respectively of the ISAH. The important contributions by Professors Giuseppe Catturi and Giuseppe Grossi and also Dott.ssa Alessandra Stefanoni of the University of Siena as well as Professor Garry Carnegie and Gloria Stevenson of Deakin University were valuable in planning, organising and managing the memorable conference. The assistance and support of the University of Siena and its Ufficio Congressi in mounting the conference at the Graduate College Santa Chiara was also much appreciated. In addition, the sponsorship and support of the Conference by the Monte Dei Paschi di Siena was highly valued.

For the historical record, the program of the third Accounting History International Conference, as it appeared in the published conference program, is attached.

Looking forward to attending the fourth Accounting History International Conference in Braga in 2005.

Angelo Riccaboni

University of Siena

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