Nintendo DS Employs Memory Cards

Nintendo DS Employs Memory Cards

David Smith

Nintendo’s new DS system will employ a smaller memory card medium, rather than the larger ROM cartridges we’ve grown used to in Nintendo handhelds, Famitsu Weekly reports this week. Nintendo’s own announcement last week specified only “semiconductor memory” as the medium on which DS games would be delivered.

Employing memory cards — perhaps even a widely-used format such as the Panasonic SD memory cards employed by some GameCube games — would have a few advantages over traditional ROM cartridges, including faster production times and lower costs.

Famitsu covered several other questions raised by Nintendo’s announcement, addressing them if not solidly answering them:

Backwards compatibility with the Game Boy Advance is undecided as yet.

The possible inclusion of wireless communications capability will remain secret until E3.

The DS will employ a rechargeable battery, like the Game Boy Advance SP.

Development of games is underway at Nintendo, with designer Shigeru Miyamoto involved.

As for third-party support, Nintendo hopes to discuss concrete details at E3.

A launch price may also be announced at E3, but the fluctuating cost of components, particularly liquid crystal displays, may force Nintendo to hold off on that announcement until the summer.

We’ll look forward to E3 for all the goods, then, and watch out for more odds and ends of information in the meantime.

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