People share despite tough times

People share despite tough times

Susan English Correspondent

Money is tight this year, as affirmed by many of the notes and letters sent along with donations to The Christmas Fund.

Alan Stacey, of Spokane, summed it up well with his note in Wednesday’s tally.

“This year my own family has a greater need, but I still wish to contribute to a worthy cause,” he wrote. “We have so much to be thankful for this year and we have tried to share this with others. But there is still a greater need. People need to get involved. Even if it just means writing a check, no matter how much, to help others in need.”

Stacey’s $50 donation is much appreciated, as are all of the contributions to the fund this year, no matter how large or small. Wednesday’s tally of $30,734 brought the fund total up to $118,255.30, but much more is needed to reach the fund goal of $500,000 – and pay all the bills coming due from the important work going on at the Christmas Bureau this week and next.

The bureau has distributed 3,737 vouchers totaling $110,675. Toys have been given to 6,401 needy children.

The following people contributed to Wednesday’s tally, as did the people listed in an article on Page 1 today.

Judi and Donald Young, of Spokane, sent $100, as did Albert and Jean Pistorius, of Hayden Lake, Idaho; Mick and Roberta Jackson, of Veradale; Irma Moore, of Spokane; John and Dolores Skelton, of Spokane; David and Mona Cryan, of Medical Lake; Theodore and Margaret Byers, of Spokane; and the Hogberg family, of Spokane Valley.

Larry Noll and Lauretta Campbell, of Spokane, donated $100, as did Louise Howard, the Bayne Co., Maren and Loris Kuest, and Pat and Cheryl Pritchard, all of Spokane; and Jean Rose, of Nine Mile Falls, Wash.; Helen, of Spokane; Vicki and Terry Gamble, of Spokane; Richard Cannon, of Newport, Wash.; and Dorothy Kirkwood, of Spokane Valley.

Tim and Soni Wolferman, of Spokane, sent $100, as did Jackie and Roy Howerton, Firth and Katherine Chew, Bob and Jeanne Dault, Brian and Glenna Bayne, Roy and Clara Donder, and Alan and Yvonne Edmunds, all of Spokane.

Don and Joan Morse, of Spokane Valley, donated $100, as did Vic and Lea Jones, of Spokane; Rod and Anne Hartman of Coulee Dam, Wash.; Leslie and Georgene Patten, of Spokane; Gary and Judy Spangelo, of Cheney; Marietta and Gerald Gilmore, of Spokane Valley; Harry and Phyllis Churchill, of Spokane; four anonymous donors, of Spokane; an anonymous donor of Colbert, Wash.; an anonymous donor of Mead; and an anonymous donor of Nine Mile Falls.

An anonymous donor sent $100 in memory of Dorothy Gordon.

Duane and Helen Ray, of Veradale, sent $100 in memory of Maxine Skaggs. Jim Lunceford, of Spokane, sent $100 in memory of Millie Lunceford. Patricia and Lloyd Bobysud, of Spangle, Wash., sent $100 in memory of their parents, George and Marjorie Bobysud, and Dick and Eve Sterett. Bob and Lucy Kumpon donated $100 in memory of their granddaughter, Mackenzie Watson.

The Spokane Melody Singers, a group of 25 men who sing at area care centers, retirement homes and churches, donated $100. The group made a CD and offers them to listeners for a donation. The singing group sends the donations to area charities.

Peter and Beth Weller, of Spokane, gave $84 in memory of Gene Grindal, their neighbor who died on Thanksgiving. “He always donated a dollar for each of his years, so, too, will we honor him and his loving, giving spirit with a dollar for each of his years,” wrote the Wellers.

Mary Topp, of Spokane, donated $75, as did Bruce and Helen Butler, and Lois and Leslie Albert, all of Spokane.

Anne Franke, of Spokane, brought $67 to the newspaper.

Carol Nilson, of Colton, Wash., sent $60.

Lee Anne Chaney, of Spokane, sent $50, as did Theodore and Virginia Czechowski, Barbara and Dale La Brosse, all of Spokane; Wilbur Birr, of Spokane Valley; Barb and Jim Christie, of Spokane; Bill and Nikki Lockwood, also of Spokane; and Gordon and Terri Radford, of Hayden, Idaho.

Myra and Donald White, of Spokane, donated $50, as did Marshall Smith, of Spokane; Mary Foutz, of Nine Mile Falls; Peggy Clemons, of Nine Mile Falls; Ken and Jane Trease, of Spokane; Verda Coryell and Bernard Elmendorf, of Spokane; and Robert and Gloria Sawyer, of Liberty Lake, Wash.

Judy Colbert, of Spokane, donated $50 in memory of her father, Lyle Bossuyt.

Robert and Patricia Loomis, of Spokane, gave $50, as did John and Barbara Dowd, Catherine and Noel Wescombe, Carol Voogd, all of Spokane; and Bob and Teresa Olson, of Newman Lake, Wash.

Fran Mann, of Liberty Lake, Wash., donated $50 in memory of her husband, Bob.

Alfred and Pauline Greenwood and Jackqueline Saling, of Spokane, donated $50, as did five anonymous donors, all of Spokane.

Eileen and Jeffrey Anderson, of Spokane, sent $50 in gratitude for their grandchildren, Jack and Lily, and for all families during the Christmas season.

Jeanine and Irving Kiehn, of Spokane, sent $40.

Donald and Suzanne Capstick, of Spokane, donated $35, as did Steve and Janis Reed, of Spokane; and Edward and Helen Green, also of Spokane.

Donald Wiersma, of Spokane, sent $30, as did Paul and Annis Cooke, of Spokane; and Ernst Pickel, also of Spokane.

Ken and Sue Pelton, of Spokane, donated $25, as did Nicholas and Monika Giles, Carla Peperzak, Fern Showacre, Thomas and Shannon Frasher, and George and Mary Garvin, all of Spokane.

Martha Hibbard, of Spokane, sent $25 in memory of her husband, Allen S. Hibbard.

Meryl and Marylin Bauer, of Spokane, also donated $25, as did Nettie Wright, of Spokane; Claudia and Richard Kroll, of Nine Mile Falls, Wash.; Arthur and Esther Westlund, of Spokane; Joyce Callaway, of Medical Lake; Mrs. M. Gallion, of Spokane; and two anonymous donors, both of Spokane.

Robert Small, of Spokane, donated $25, as did Ellen Nelson, and Vern and Donna Knudsen, all of Spokane.

Ron Bockstruck sent $20 on behalf of his 91-year-old mother, Eunice Ayers, of Coeur d’Alene, in memory of her first husband, Bill Bockstruck. “She has contributed to this fund for many years and asked me to send a check again this year,” wrote Bockstruck. “She will celebrate Christmas with us here in Bayview where she lived from 1936 to 1943, the year Bill died of leukemia on Christmas Eve.”

An anonymous donor, of Spokane, donated $20.

An anonymous donor sent $10.

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