EWU lists winter quarter grads

EWU lists winter quarter grads

Compiled by Mike Johnson.

The following people graduated from Eastern Washington University during winter quarter 2003: Spokane- Central Valley High School: Jennifer McCracken, B.A.E., special education; Kirk Devaney, B.A.B., general management; Kristin Branum, B.S., biology; Sasha Lindblad, B.A.B., professional accounting; Victoria Allen, B.S., applied developmental psychology.

East Valley High School: Leigh Halloran, B.A.E., reading; Sean Thoeny, B.S., computer science.

Joel E. Ferris High School: Erika Henry, B.A., interdisciplinary studies; Lisa Bassen, B.A.E., mathematics education; Melinda Howard, B.S., biology; Erin Young, master of physical therapy.

John R. Rogers High School: Melissa Graham, B.A.E., natural science; Svetlana Popov, B.A.B., management information systems.

Lewis and Clark High School: Sherry Brown, B.A., journalism; William Morse II, B.A.E., health and fitness.

Mead Senior High School: Amy Handlin, B.A.B., general management; Brandon Muzatko, B.A., criminal justice; Brian Triplett, B.A., English; Erin Teterud, B.A.E., dual endorsement special and elementary; Janelle Snyder, B.A.E., music; Ronald Collins Jr, B.A.B., management information systems; Tiffany Page, B.A., communication studies; Vanessa Lyman, B.A., economics.

North Central High School: Danielle Bombino , B.A.B., human resource management; Jeremy Larsen, B.S., geology; Michelle Washburn, B.A.B., marketing; Molly O’Halloran, B.A., interdisciplinary studies.

Shadle Park High School: Daniel McMeekan, B.S., biology; Douglas Humphreys, B.A.E., business education; John Nelson, B.A.B., marketing; Jennifer Chaffin, M.E., computer and technology supported education.

University High School: Joshua Yake, B.A.E., social studies; Lisa Stose, B.S., journalism; Patrick Matthews, B.A.B., finance.

West Valley High School: Charles Hare, B.A.B., professional accounting.

Other: Robert Crandall, B.A., government; Jeffrey Bernheine, B.A.B., management information systems; Mubarak Alameri, B.A.B., management information systems; Hassan Al Khater, B.A., government; Michael Williams, B.S., community health education; Serina Varallo, B.A.B., general management; Mary Hanify, B.A., health services administration; Sean Morrow, B.A.B., general management; Emily Barrick, B.A.E., health and fitness; Marilyn Musselwhite, B.A.E., reading; Mary Van Bemmel, B.A.B., human resource management; Tricia Robison, B.A.E., reading; Yarrough Wilson, B.A.E., finance; Jacob Headlee, B.A.E., English; Michael Goering, B.A., interdisciplinary studies; John Webber, B.A., psychology; Kyle Haff, B.A.B., management information systems; Nathan Clark, B.A.B., marketing; Jennifer Isotalo, B.A.B., finance; Jennifer Chamberlin, B.A.B., general management; Casey Potts, B.A., history; Rhonda Schell, B.A.E., special education; Jennifer Mattfeldt, B.A.B., finance; Odin Johnson, B.S., computer engineering technology; Christopher Clinton, B.A.B., general management; Mathew Ryan, B.A.B., general management; Michael Stroe, B.A.E., social studies; Paul Struck, B.A., interdisciplinary studies; Brenda Bindschatel, M.B.A.; Jennifer Omlin, M.S., communication disorders; John Lowry, M.E., foundations of education; Stephanie Stewart, M.E., curriculum and instruction; Ann Byers, M.S., interdisciplinary; Bradley Read, M.A., English; Richard Nionello, M.A., history; Elena Goss, M.B.A.; Scott Rivas, M.B.A.; Patrick McKeehan, M.E., curriculum and instruction; Amber Parviainen, M.E., early childhood education; Frankie Dickens, M.E., elementary teaching with certification; Jennifer Chaffin, M.E., technology supported education; Joshua Burgess, M.F.A., creative writing; Eric Neyer, M.F.A., creative writing; Abdul Al-Mazrou, M.P.A.; Jeffrey Avery, M.P.A.; Terry Glenn, M.P.A.; Brian Vanderbilt, M.P.A.; Susanne Canwell, M.S., biology; Hsin-Chung Chen, M.S., business administration; Teresa Burnett, M.S., communication disorders; Jennifer Omlin, M.S., communication disorders; Carrie Schumacher, M.S., communication disorders; Shao-Yu Le, M.S., interdisciplinary – electronic communications; Ann Byers, M.S., interdisciplinary – public and health administration; Abbie Leopold, M.S., physical education; Duane Franks, M.S., school psychology; Amanda Rich, master of social work; Melissa McGann, M.E., instructional media and technology; Erin Young, M.P.T.

Cheney- Abdulaziz Alshathri, B.A., government; Kareem Alshaie, B.A. in business administration, management information systems and B.A.B., general management; Benjamin Estock, B.A., chemistry; Justin Mager, bachelor of science, computer science; Tricia Robison, B.A. in education, reading; Christopher Mitchell, B.A.B., economics and B.A., economics; Brandon Denney, B.A.E., social studies; Cooper Harris, B.A.E., physical education; Erin Teterud, B.A.E., dual endorsement special and elementary; John Nelson, B.A.B., marketing; Devon Hume, B.A., English; Masako Egawa, B.A., sociology; Hsin-Chung Chen, master of business administration; Wei Ling Weng, master of education, foundations of education; Atsuko Ishida, master of science, physical education; Wei-Ling Weng, M.E., foundations of education; Su-Cheng (Derek) Tseng, M.S., computer design.

Chewelah- Yarrough Wilson, B.A.B., finance.

Colfax- Sarah Rosenbeck, B.A.E., reading.

Davenport- Sari Shepard, B.A., interdisciplinary studies.

Elk- Scott Whitver, B.A.B., professional accounting.

Fruitland- Melinda Flett, B.A.E., mathematics education.

Greenacres- Amber Parviainen, M.E., early childhood education.

Moses Lake- Donnell Penhallurick, B.A.E., reading; Christopher Barner, B.A., interdisciplinary studies; Katrina Penrose, B.A.E., reading; Nathan Clark, B.A.B., marketing; Ryan Weaver, B.A.E., reading.

Newman Lake- Sharon Magone, M.S., communication disorders.

Newport- Cherie Scott, B.S., biology; Jennifer Isotalo, B.A.B., finance.

Nine Mile Falls- Matthew Wilson, B.A.B., management information systems.

Okanogan- Jordan Lesamiz, B.A.E., health and fitness; Solomon Bessire, M.S., computer science.

Oroville- Jennifer Chamberlin, B.A.B., general management.

Othello- Amelia Munguia, B.A.E., reading; Ramon Ayala, B.A.E., mathematics education.

Reardan- Jennifer Simmons, B.S., communication studies.

Rockford- Jennifer Mattfeldt, B.A.B., finance.

Spangle- Odin Johnson, B.S., computer engineering technology.

Veradale- Hanan Nimri, B.A., interdisciplinary studies; Frances Coy, B.A., communication studies.

Military moves

Mary J. Brenner – Spokane, has enlisted in the Army’s Delayed Entry Program as an operating room specialist and will depart for basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C. in August.

Upon completion of training, she will become a member of the 396th Combat Support Hospital (Hospital Unit Surgical) in Spokane.

Brenner, who received a general equivalency degree from Spokane Falls Community College, is the daughter of Curtis Brenner and Constance Brenner, both of Spokane.

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