Election’s winners and losers

Election’s winners and losers

D.F. Oliveria The Spokesman-Review

Win some, lose some. Que sera. And on Election Day, one winner was: Jim West, who dreamed as a kid of becoming mayor of Washington’s second-largest city. And has to settle for leading the third- largest. The loser? John Powers. And anyone who sells chocolate strawberries. Others? Winner: North Idaho’s image; loser: Richard Butler & Co. Again. Winner: Civility; loser: Messrs Eugster and Corker. Winner: Ex-CdA Mayor Al Hassell; losers: CdA power brokers. Winner: U.S. economy; loser: Metro Mortgage investors. Winner: Voters who did; loser: a good way to describe the other kind.

50 – what? – stand by ailing unterfuehrer

Slogan from a newsroom wag for the city of Hayden: “Hayden: 97 percent racist free”… Who were those 50 goofs who voted for Aryan Nations’ Richard Butler for Hayden mayor? Butler couldn’t muster that much support for another march on Coeur d’Alene … National Demo Poohbah Terry McAuliffe’s lament: Mississippi and Kentucky and Cull- ee-FOR-nee-ah, oh my … Tater Tots (or, “You’re Tom Grant, and it’s time to find a real job”): 1. Wiener vendor in neighborhood park; 2. Award-winning caddie for Strong Mayor-elect Jim West; 3. Blogger for the Lands Council; 4. Street T-shirt vendor; and 5. Local Planet personal ad salesman.

Hayden: We’d rather be wrong than Reich

Poet’s Corner: “In the lovely lake hamlet of Hayden:/Drei dumkopfs campaignin’ and hatin’/These anglo refuse/Espouse Hitler views,/But their goosesteps are really for Satan” – mondoboffo@yahoo.com (“The Butler Didn’t Do It”). He’s not The Bard … From the Peanut Gallery (and CdA’s David Larsen re: a better word than “godawful” to describe UI’s footballers): “My suggestion is that you refer to the less than satisfactory season the Vandals are having as “gawdoliveria.” Example: “How about those gawdoliveria southern Idaho Repuglycans?” Hot Potatoes: Are you saying this is a gawdoliveria column? Ouch! … This edition of Hot Potatoes was brought to you by the No. $780,000. Or, the possible fine that AT&T is facing for allowing telemarketers to violate the nation’s “do-not-call” list. Or, can you hear us now? It couldn’t happen to a nicer corp.

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