Did you know?

Did you know? – nation in brief

John Elvin

* During the dot-com bubble of 1998-2001, bankers made $2 billion in fees and insiders $8.7 billion selling their shares. Of 204 companies making their debut in those years, 148 have closed, sold out at rock-bottom prices or suffered severe losses (study by the San Jose Mercury News in California on the role of investment bankers in the creation of the dot-com bubble).

* Courts have ruled that a trip to Europe is tax-deductible when made to take advantage of less expensive dental work available there (from “The Top 10 Overlooked Deductions” posted at Moneycentral.msn.com).

* The 300 cows on the farm of Earl McElmurray in Hephzibah, Ga., produced 1,000 gallons more milk when listening to classical music than when listening to rock `n’ roll or country (Associated Press report on an award given to young Daniel McElmurray, Earl’s son, for his science-fair project).

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