Crying Over Costly Onions in India

Crying Over Costly Onions in India

Eli Lehrer

If you’re a thief who breaks into a house and fails to find any money, what to do? The Associated Press, or AP, reports that burglars facing this problem in India made off with a bag full of onions.

Attributing the story to the Times of India, the AP says the three men who broke into a house in New Delhi’s affluent Greater Kailash neighborhood in late October overpowered a security guard before searching out the prized veggies. It seems onions, a popular ingredient in many Indian dishes, have risen in price by more than 600 percent since August. Indeed, reports the Times, police are saying that some grocery tracks have been ambushed by looters in search of onions.

Although Indian analysts say that supplies may return to normal as early as January, at the moment the onion shortage is a serious problem for many Indians. Reports on the Internet show that onions are selling in India for as much as $3 to $4 each.

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